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What Do You Do With Your Old Phone?

So, you’ve just bought a new phone. Rather than neglecting your old device, why not find a way of getting some extra use out of it. Here are a few ways to make use of your old phone.

Sell for parts

How to Sell Your Phone for the Most Money

If your old phone is broken, you may still be able to get some money by selling it for parts. Many phone repair services will buy broken phones to scavenge for parts. Other parts meanwhile may be able to be sued in the production of new devices.

Pass it on

What to do before selling or donating your phone

If your phone is still fully functional, you could sell or donate it to someone else. This could be somebody close, or a stranger. There are many places to sell phones second-hand online – the like of Gumtree and Facebook buy and sell pages can be used to sell your phone locally, whilst sites like Amazon and Preloved allow you to sell to anyone in the world. If your device is broken, you may still be able to repair it and sell it as there are many companies that fix cell phones. Search online to find such companies.

Emergency Phone

Repurpose an Old Cellphone as an Emergency Phone for your Car, Other Strategic Locations

Your phone could still be useful as an emergency phone. If you’re planning on going on holiday or to a festival and don’t want to lose your current phone, you could take your old phone. Even if the phone doesn’t have a SIM, it could simply be used as an emergency phone for calling emergency services on.

Smart Remote

5 Apps to Turn Your Phone into a Universal Remote

The Internet of Things has made many devices in our home controllable via remote technology. This includes lighting, heating and turning on devices such as the TV. If your old phone is Android, you could use it as a universal remote for all these electronics in your home. This wouldn’t require it to be on a network and you could put it somewhere where everyone can use it.

Mp3 player

How to Turn Your Old Smartphone into a Portable Media Player

You could keep onto your old phone and simply use it as an mp3 player. It could be kept in the living room or in your car for you to stream music from. As your other phone will be receiving texts and calls, the music then won’t be interrupted by alerts or calls. In the car it can be especially useful if you want to use a satnav but also want to listen to music.

Security Camera

How to Turn an Old Smartphone Into a Home Security Camera

You may even be able to use your old phone as a security camera. By using in conjunction with software on your PC, you can watch anything that your phone see. Even if you don’t want to use it for catching burglars, it could make good use as a baby monitor, allowing you to leave an infant unattended upstairs and still monitor them downstairs whilst using your new phone for other things.  

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