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How Structured, Unstructured and Semi-Structured Data is Used Everyday

Whether you realize it or not, your data is being used everyday in some form or another. It could be through feedback surveys, a visit to a website, or even


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What Is A VPN Gateway Location?

Although VPN services are more used for personal necessities such as bypassing censure, website limitations, etc. it is not restricted to concealing IP addresses. While an average user only profits


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What Information Is Included in Police Records?

When a crime is committed, the police are called to the scene to investigate. They interview witnesses, collect evidence, and take statements. This information is then entered into a police


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Drastic Data Breaches In 2021

Data breaches have always been a major roadblock for companies facing cyber disasters. Due to technological advancements, security flaws are developing in existing servers that store sensitive data, making them


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A Step-by-Step Guide to Optimizing Your Business Process

Business processes need to be efficient so employees can be productive while using them. For example, if an employee’s computer crashes and no one is available to fix it, that


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How the Internet is Changing How We Buy and Sell Real Estate

The internet has become an excellent way for real estate agents to market their properties. Many websites allow buyers and sellers to see each other’s homes and schedule viewings. This


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How Data Fabric Is Changing the Future of Data Management

Data fabric is a software layer that sits between your applications and your underlying infrastructure, allowing you to manage all data in place without having to move it from place-to-place