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50+ Epic Video Game History Facts You Probably Didn’t Know From Did You Know Gaming

What do hardcore gamers love most? Gaming! But..but what else do they enjoy?! Video Game History! My love for videogames is infinite, like the universe! I grew up playing video games like most of you, and the impact they had on my life was great. I owe a lot of things to video games. If you are like me, one of the most addicting (and fun) things to do, is sit and read about video games, especially the history and interesting facts behind some of your favorite titles, or gaming companies, or game developers – it is all so interesting how it came together (or almost didn’t)!! I could get lost for hours on wikipedia just reading through the history of gaming (which isn’t always a good thing when on a project deadline haha). However since a lot of the resources I used to read these interesting facts and things in were print gaming magazines as a kid, which have been having trouble the past few years for obvious reasons and going away because of the internets (RIP Nintendo Power 🙁 ), I went a few years missing that type of nostalgic feel browsing through a magazine getting awesome insider facts and history bits that seemed to be few and far between on the net a few years ago. Now though sites like Did You Know Gaming and VGFacts have popped up in recent years and totally brought life back to “dat feel” and really make it fun again to be a video game history nerd gobbling up random information about the usually amazing and often mysterious past of gaming!

History of Video Games

So much! history! gah! nostalgia overload! There really is so much gaming history at this point with gaming starting to get older (like myself. lol) it is really hard to find a starting point to dig in – and you quickly feel like your brain is running out of disk space to store it all haha. Today we have put together some of our favorite tid bits of video game knowledge from Did You Know Gaming – they range from “Oh thats neat” to the “OMFG NO WAY WTF” scale haha. Some are funny, some are amazing, others are creepy, dark, and strange (so you have been warned! lol). We also included a bunch of other resources to help you get all those childhood memories flowing and learn even more about where our games came from (and how they came about) and even learn a little bit about the technology behind them.

If you are a gamer, you will definitely enjoy this trip down memory lane – for some of you there will be much to learn (and many aspects of childhood to be questioned lol) for others you will be captivated and enthralled with video gaming bliss that will lead you down a rabbit hole of never ending time sucking destruction – you might even get kicked in the feels a few times. Whatever you get out of this epic collection of gaming history, I hope that you enjoy!

O_O Mind = Blown. Nature, you are crazy.

O_O Terrifying. Pokemon Cordyceps. lol.

Amazing. The world of gaming would have been so different.

So Interesting. So Awesome!

Sudden Realization… Right in the childhood!

Oh man. THE FEELS! My heart strings, they have been tugged!

It all makes sense now…

LOL EPIC. I Loved Diablo.

Wow. Totally reminds me of the 80’s anime “Unico in the Island of Magic” where the wizard turns the people into zombie like “living puppet” block people. So creepy. Good movie from le childhood though lol.

One of my favorite gaming facts!


Super Smash Bros Is somehow linked To Bill Nye By Voice Actor?! WIN. Loved that game, and that show.

Way to be original, Sony! lol but seriously that is so Interesting.

Wow. That is Insanely creepy.

Bowser, You are NOT the father. I could not resist hahaha.

I love gaming lore.

That is so Ironic. Awesome gaming history tidbit!

Man, I never imaged that pokemon could be that deeply complex lol.

The power of arcade games in their prime!

All I can hear is “Money, Money, Money!”

That makes sense, but still interesting!

Talk about an epic easter egg.

Dat Mathematical Symmetry!

Video games are so creative in the laziest ways sometimes. I love it.

Valve is awesome.

Holy Crap. I did not know that. (I didn’t play much ps2 though either) That is so cool.

The comments on this one are really interesting, so much backstory/rumors about this topic in pokemon lol. Geek out!

Oh man I remember renting this game as a kid, I hated it. It was horrible. And now I know why. haha.

That was brilliant. Tricky game programmers!

I love cross reference throwbacks in games like this – plus Symphony of the Night was my favorite Castlevania game, nay, best game ever!

Wow, this game would have been useless to me and my friends had it not been for multiplayer! FUNNEST THING EVER (then. lol)


Even More Gaming History Facts!

Need even more gaming history goodness? Don’t worry, here are some more tidbits, then a list of more resources to point you in the direction of more awesome nostalgia inspiring video game videos, images, and trivia! Enjoy!

“Introduced in 1993, the 3DO was the first video game system to be based entirely on CD technology.” – VGFacts

“The word “Capcom” was created from taking the first 3 letters from each word in “Capsule Computers” (from the subsidiary Japan Capsule Computer Co).” – VGFacts

“Due to South Korea banning Japanese cultural imports at the end of World War II, the Master System was distributed by South Korean company Samsung, and was named the Gam*Boy.

Samsung released many consoles in South Korea under alternate names, like the Game Boy, Genesis, NES, Game Gear, SNES and Nintendo 64.” – VGFacts

“If you open a Dreamcast VMU, you can see “potato” printed on a chip, as a joke referencing a “potato chip”.” – VGFacts

“Ironically, SEGA’s GD-Rom technology was created as DVDs were not available for SEGA, and they wanted to create a disc that would be hard for pirates to copy and use.

“Sega intended to use the format to curb piracy common to standard compact discs and to offer increased storage capacity. It is similar to the standard CD-ROM except that the pits on the disc are packed more closely together, resulting in a higher storage capacity: around 1.2 gigabytes, which is almost double the storage capacity of a typical CD”

The Dreamcast is infamous for being the easiest console to pirate games on.” – VGFacts

G4 Icons Season 1 Episodes

Freaking LOVED this show. Still love it. So much gaming history knowledge and nostalgia packed into these things.

G4 Icons Episode #1: Oddworld Inhabitants

G4 Icons Season 2 Episodes

Back when G4 was still good (and alive lol.)

G4 Icons Episode #19: Atari

History of Video Games

Spacewar! is credited as the first widely available and influential computer game.

Evolution Of Home Video Game Consoles: 1967 – 2011

Video Game History Museum

The 25 Greatest Breakthroughs in Video Game History

Memorable quotes from video game history

150+ Best Classic Video Game Box Art Covers

Well, There you have it! You are now trapped in nostalgia-ville. lol.

What was your favorite gaming history fact? Have a favorite tidbit of gaming history that we didn’t mention? Maybe even a history of gaming resource that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below or in the forums! Thanks for Reading!

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    Other than the title, why were the shows called Game Makers and ICONS? It was the same format, same title intro, just different titles. Was it just a simple fact of them changing the title later, to Icons?

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