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How to Do a Reverse Phone Lookup?

People usually need a phone number lookup when they get unknown calls, and they act to be some fake company. Or when somebody remembers an old friend and wants to meet them, a reverse phone lookup is all that can help you. You can use reverse phone lookup to find the information about the phone number you want

If you’ve ever watched a phone number on Caller ID and questioned whose number it is, then reverse phone lookup is for you. Software like Cocofinder will let you learn much more about finder services. The reverse phone lookup can go beyond the easy task of identifying unknown numbers and their owners.  

What Details Will You Get From a Reverse Phone Lookup?

How Reverse Phone Lookup Works

A Person’s Identification – Reverse phone lookup can provide the identity of the person who called you by that phone number. This can cover their full name through which you can recognize them.

Address – It also may show the current residential address of that person. If they have another past address history on record, you can also see that data.

Acquaintances – A reverse phone lookup service can even dig in deep to show you the people like friends and relatives that exist in their group.

Alternate Phone Numbers – In a condition, they have blocked your contact numbers, it also displays their alternate phone numbers when available through which you can reach them easily.

Email Address – To give you the maximum details about them, a reverse phone lookup service can also find out their email address and any social profile linked with that email address.

Social Media Profiles – Running a phone number lookup can help you to find the social media profiles linked to that number. 

Here Are Some of the Best Reverse Phone Lookup Ways That Can Help You:


CocoFinder is reviewed by Forbes as one of the best providers of reverse phone number lookup and the most featurable online identification tool. For any reason you are worried and want to find out who is calling or messaging you, CocoFinder can help you track them back to the source.

All you have to do is type the number and wait till the service runs it through the huge database, looking for all relevant matches. You will be amazed at how detailed the final report is.

CocoFinder will help you get the data you need using several methods. The search doesn’t necessarily have to begin from a phone number. If you want to find out about someone and you only know their name, you can run a reverse phone lookup with the name.

Steps To Use CocoFinder Reverse Phone Lookup Service:

Step 1: Visit CocoFinder

Our reverse phone lookup works straight from the homepage without any navigation needed. Just go to the website whenever you want to do a reverse phone lookup, and click on the search bar tab on the homepage.

Step 2: Enter Number

Type the phone number for which you want to search. Then click on the ‘Start Search’ button. 

CocoFinder will take a few minutes and then show the search results to you. You can click on the comparable profile of the person to see their information.

How Long Will It Take To Do a Reverse Phone Lookup Using CocoFinder?

CocoFinder’s reverse phone lookup just needs about 2-5 minutes to find a comparable and matching status of the phone number owner. 

Also, you may be wondering that – Is it legal to do a phone number lookup on someone? And the answer is a complete YES, doing a reverse phone lookup is completely legal.

Google Search

You can do a Google search to obtain relevant data about a phone number as well. Just type the phone number into the Google search bar, and click search; some phone apps also allow you to copy the phone number to your clipboard, making it simple to begin the search. Possibilities are, you will be greeted by a search page managed by phone directory websites. If you were called by an actual company, then the first few results may let you know the name and identity of the company.

If the caller is someone you know, their social media profiles may appear in the search results if they added their phone number with their account as well. Congratulations if you get the detail you want, but if not, then you should try a powerful reverse phone lookup tool like CocoFinder. Searching for this information on Google is free, as long as you are ready to do some digging.

Will Google help you find every number?

No, it won’t. Simply put, if it’s a personal number of any unknown or a temporary number, even searching at Google’s search engine won’t give you any real results. Still, it just takes a few minutes and in some cases, it works out well – so it’s always worth a try.

Using Social Media For Reverse Phone Lookup 

Social media is your connection platform. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest make it easy to stay connected with people. Thanks to social media, but some can and do “get lost” between the billions of users in the world of tweets, posts, and pins.

Start a search using Facebook – A Facebook search is one of the best places to begin searching for someone online. Although you should search all of the various platforms, begin with Facebook as it’s the world’s largest social networking platform. This considerably increases your chances of searching for people.

If you find out a name from the number using a third-party caller ID app then you can search by applying filters on Facebook like locations, friends of friends, city, etc. 

Which Is the Most Accurate Reverse Phone Lookup?

The most accurate provider for reverse cell phone number lookup is CocoFinder, which offers a lot of features. A lookup provides available information for each number that may include name and address, as well as unlisted, VoIP, and business numbers for the user. 


While these methods should help you find a person online, there are no guarantees. You can have a try doing looking up, but if you genuinely want to find out who called you then there’s nothing better than CocoFinder. We have successfully compared with other methods like social media and Google reverse phone lookup. But they might not give you the exact details you want, they don’t have a large database and features like CocoFinder. 

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