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4 Types of Everyday Devices That Use GPS Technology

When you hear “GPS technology,” the first thing you likely think of is a car navigation system. However, you might be surprised to learn how many other devices use GPS technology. In this blog, we’ll explore four types of everyday devices that use GPS technology

Smartphones and Tablets 

How to Use an Android Phone as a GPS Tracker Device

One of the most common modern uses of GPS technology is in smartphones and tablets. These devices use GPS technology to pinpoint users’ locations for use with navigation apps, fitness trackers, and rideshare apps. Pinpointed locations also allow sites like Google to serve users more relevant content based on their location. Even if you don’t use your phone’s map app, you’re likely using GPS technology every single day. 

Fitness Trackers and Wearables 

Fitness tracking apps and wearables incorporate GPS technology to track movement during outdoor exercises like hiking, biking, or running. As a result, your fitness wearable can measure your distance, pace, and elevation gain or loss over the course of your workout. Without GPS technology, wearables could only gain information based on your wrist or hip’s movement, making tracking certain exercises difficult and providing less accurate information on your route. 

Two-Way Radios 

Many businesses use two-way radios for daily communication. Quick and effective communication is vital in logistics, construction, and public safety industries. In addition to allowing workers to speak with each other, two-way radios help professionals in these industries coordinate and operate effectively with GPS technology. GPS technology in two-way radios allows businesses to track locations and keep time accurately to keep workers safer on the job. 

Personal Drones 

Personal drones rely on GPS technology for navigation and other features, such as the ability to return to their take-off point. Though not all drones utilize GPS, many drone pilots benefit from it, as it allows drones to fly autonomously and hold their position accurately, even in windy weather. 

As you can see, GPS technology goes beyond car navigation systems. Beyond these four types of everyday devices that use GPS technology, GPS technology can be found in many other devices we use daily. Next time you use a device that tracks your location, thank GPS technology for that ability! 

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