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How Does GPS Tracking Technology Work?

GPS technology is nearly widespread in the current era. Millions of people rely on GPS technology to plan road trips, avoid traffic, and seek roadside help. Most people and organizations use it without thinking about it. But do you truly comprehend it? And do you know how to make the most of GPS tracking to boost the operational efficiency of your fleet? Are you aware of the current advances in remote communications, such as wifi for truckers? We cover these topics and much more in this article.

GPS also known as Global Positioning System uses satellites to locate a GPS receiver anywhere on Earth. GPS satellites send data to a receiver, which might be your smartphone, a GPS tracker, or a GPS navigation device.

Read on to learn more about GPS tracking and how it works.

What Is GPS Tracking?

GPS III’s Long Journey Is Picking Up Speed

A network of satellites circling the Earth and gadgets are part of a GPS tracking system that can assist in determining the position of an object or a person. GPS technology, which was initially developed for military use in the 1960s, became accessible for civilian use in 1983, and advancements and use cases have risen throughout the decades. GPS is now used for a variety of purposes, ranging from global military exercises to driving instructions.

How Does GPS Tracking Work?

GPS tracking systems transmit specific satellite signals, which are decoded by a receiver. These GPS receivers monitor the GPS device’s precise position. At certain intervals, these trackers send signals to a smartphone app or a web-based dashboard. The gadget determines when you receive those location alerts:

  • Predefined time intervals (every minute, hour, etc.)
  • When prompted by the smartphone app
  • When the wearer sends it
  • When passing across a geofence

The tracker’s current position is then shown on a map within the smartphone app.

What Is the Function of a GPS Tracker?

GPS tracking entails the installation of a tracking device in a vehicle, on an object, or a person. The gadget then gives information about its precise position and subsequent motions, allowing for real-time tracking. The location data is then shown on a map. 

Providers then provide a plethora of data access methods, such as breadcrumb trails of where the car has driven, how quickly it traveled on the route to a spot, and more. All of the data collection complexity is handled in the background, so all you have to do is log in to set up automated reports and alerts for the information that is essential and relevant to you.

What Are the Types of GPS Trackers?

GPS trackers inspire independence in people who may otherwise feel insecure in the absence of a safety net. They also assist us in locating misplaced objects and keeping our eyes on loved ones without hovering.

Listed below are some of the major GPS trackers and their uses:

  • GPS-enabled medical alert technology- When the user indicates a need for assistance, these gadgets send the wearer’s position to a professional monitoring center. Some devices also allow carers to track the wearer’s position through an app.
  • GPS trackers for kids- These tracking gadgets assist parents in ensuring that their children are where they should be, whether at school, home, or a friend’s house. The better ones learn your child’s routine and alert you if something out of the ordinary occurs.
  • GPS trackers for people with special conditions- GPS trackers for adults with Alzheimer’s or dementia incorporate geofencing, which alerts you if your loved one leaves the house.
  • GPS tracking device for pets- These devices can track your pets. i.e. dog’s or cat’s whereabouts, whether they wander freely or have a tendency of running away. The finest ones have lights so you can see your pet even when it’s dark.
  • Tracking technology for vehicles- If your car or bike is stolen, car gps trackers can assist you in recovering it. The finest ones connect to the car’s OBD port and include functions like speed alerts, collision detection, and more.
  • Safety app technology- At the push of a button, personal safety applications broadcast your location with friends or 911 dispatchers. The finest ones also record what’s going on around you invisibly.

What Are the Benefits of GPS Tracking Technology?

GPS tracking is a useful tool for a variety of reasons. GPS devices provide visibility into the locations of your vehicles, but that’s not all. Here are some other significant benefits of GPS tracking.

  • Helps in navigation 

The most prevalent application for GPS tracking technology is in navigation systems. It becomes a strong tool for vehicles when combined with map technology. GPs can locate a device’s location with pinpoint precision, and statistics may be used to compute a device’s direction of travel and speed by comparing coordinates. This data may be utilized to offer real-time step-by-step directions from Point A to Point B.

  • Easy to use 

When compared to previous methods and technologies, such as map reading, GPS tracking is often quite simple and needs little expertise or effort. In most circumstances, the user only has to enter the destination, and the gadget will take care of the rest.

  • Fuel cost is significantly reduced 

Businesses that use fleet monitoring systems save a lot of money on fuel due to variables such as improved route planning, reduced idle, better driver conduct, and so on. You can identify the optimum routes that save both time and money, enhance driver efficiency and reduce fuel costs with the help of fleet monitoring data.

  • Improves Security 

GPS tracking technologies play a very important role in improving security. This technology enables you to define geographic limits and get notifications when a vehicle enters or departs the defined region. GPS tracking devices can alert you in case your vehicle is stolen and helps to track and find the stolen vehicle.


GPS tracking systems can play a very important role in safeguarding your loved ones and assets. Still, you need to properly understand how this technology works and get the right one suited to your needs.

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