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A PC Set or a Mobile Device?

Electronic devices are our everyday companions, and it would be a challenge to spend a day without interacting with at least one of them. When we stop using our desktops, we switch to a smartphone, tablet or any other device. We tend to use them for many reasons, and quite often the purpose of turning on a mobile phone or a desktop is the same. The majority of these devices have the same functions and give the same possibilities. Is there a point to use them all, and if not, which one to choose for work and entertainment?


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In order to decide which, if at all, of the electronic devices that people use is more practical and useful, suitable to the needs of the users, it’s good to compare certain aspects and parameters to better observe the differences. Such a comparison can help see the strong and weak points of both mobile and stationary devices.

The first aspect is power, which in the case of a regular desktop is of no concern. You can easily perform even the most demanding activities with no worry that the battery will run out. It obviously is not the case when it comes to mobile devices. On the other hand, high-performance desktops use larger amounts of energy, which generates much higher costs. Smartphones and other mobile devices run on batteries and those are getting more and more effective with every passing year. However, they are still not enough when you need to engage in high-performance activities, so for everyday demanding work, people still prefer the use of good old PCs.


Although it seems obvious that screens on mobile devices are simply smaller and thus less convenient, it does not mean that they are inconvenient in general. Currently, it’s practically a must for a website to be responsive, or simply mobile-friendly. This means that it needs to adjust to the size of the screen of any device. It allows users to comfortably visit and use any website and platform, which leads to an increase in the popularity of mobile devices. People now use their smartphones and tablets to surf the Net, read news, watch films and play games, they can even easily enjoy playing at mobile casinos. Such platforms are adjusted to the use on smaller screens, they are completely responsive, which makes the whole game more pleasant and safer – as players have easy access to all tabs, including terms and regulations. When people visit tried-and-trusted websites such as Vegas Slots Online on their mobile devices, they can conveniently play, win and have fun without losing the whole experience.

Mobility and portability

In the aspect of portability, smartphones and tablets have no equals. Traditional PC sets are difficult to move around and definitely not possible to work outside one’s office. Even laptops, created to be mobile computers, are not as convenient to use as smartphones and tablets, which, after all, are even referred to as mobile devices. In this matter, a smartphone definitely beats a desktop.

Software and operating systems

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When it comes to operating systems, both mobile devices and typical PCs do not give their users much choice. Smartphones usually operate on one of the two most popular systems – it’s either Android or iOS in the case of Apple products. Desktops most often use Windows operating systems. Usually, PCs and laptops are full-featured and employ chipsets that are more advanced than what could be used on mobile devices. When it comes to software, desktops seem to still have the advantage of being more powerful and having more capability to run high-performance operations than mobile devices.

Is it the dawn of the mobile era?

Taking into consideration all of the factors mentioned above and more than that, it seems that it’s still too early to claim that mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets, are making the typical desktops extinct. Although smartphones give many possibilities to operate online, have fun and do business from any place in the world, in the long run, when working or passionately playing video games, nothing can beat PC sets – not yet, at least. In the future, however, mobile devices can gain more power, better batteries with longer lifespans, more compatible software and operating systems and all the features that make desktops a better choice. Until then, it seems that we will continue with all devices, mobile or not, still in use.

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