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Top Pieces of Tech to Improve Your Business

Technology can be the key to unlocking your business’s potential, improving efficiency, and allowing your employees to work on important projects when they would ordinarily be tied up working on menial tasks. While there are costs involved with this implementation, you should always consider it an investment that is going to improve your operations in the long term. If you are serious about expanding your growth, here are the top pieces of tech you should be using to improve your business. 

Cloud Storage

3 Ways to Determine the Best Cloud Storage Service

In the modern world, cloud storage is essential to keep your files safe and easily accessible. If you are only storing your files and documents on one specific piece of hardware, you should be aware that you are leaving yourself at risk of losing everything. By having these files and documents uploaded to a secure cloud storage system, your employees can also access them wherever they are, allowing for remote working and easy access during out of hours emergencies. 

Cyber Security Systems

Cybercrime is constantly evolving and if you do not have a plan in place to protect your devices and software, and are not regularly updating your systems then you are leaving yourself at risk of fraud and theft. You should also be training your staff in how to use these systems correctly and any potential threats that they may face. Your clients also want to be sure that you are using adequate security as their personal data is at risk, too. 


Here’s How This Enterprise-focused Telematics Startup Walked the Path to Profitability

Telematics are the go-to solution in fleet management to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. Installing dash cams onto your fleet allows you or your fleet manager to have real time access to your drivers. This can be used to pick up on any bad habits they may be displaying and also give you an awareness of potential problems or inefficiencies in the way they are driving. Through real-time monitoring, in-cab coaching can also be provided which stops the need for an instructor to be physically in the cab. By protecting your drivers, you will be giving them a safer working environment that allows for a happier workplace. 

Remote Working

Remote working has become more prominent in the current climate of the global pandemic. However, it is likely to last beyond that. Employees who work at home are happier as they are in a comfortable environment that can improve productivity. It also improves their lifestyles as they no longer have to worry about longer commutes. This is especially important for employees who don’t have to be in a physical office to complete their work. You could also be saving on the costs of office space and equipment.

AI Helpdesks

How Startups Can Use AI-Powered Tools to Scale Up

Help desks are essential for any business, but they can also take up costly amounts of working hours dealing with tickets that are simple to resolve. AI help desks use built in knowledge bases to provide solutions for tickets quickly and efficiently. This frees up your help desk employees to solve problems that require human intervention or knowledge. This is a simple solution that is easy to implement, saving you money and improving efficiency.

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