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3 Tips for Marketing a Product or Service to Generation Z

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As any semi-experienced marketer can tell you, there are different marketing techniques that are effective for each demographic you choose to target. Of course, the same advertisement isn’t going to equally impact all age groups the same, as a teenager isn’t going to respond the same way their grandparents would. The obvious contrast in the preferences and interests seen from one generation to the next creates the inherent need to identify your target audience and create marketing campaigns that cater to their mindset. Generation Z – the generation after the millennials is the newest and youngest demographic in the game – represents a significant opportunity for every brand and marketer. Here are 3 tips for targeting that generation:

1. Work with Generation Z Marketing Specialists

If you really want to tap into this market as quickly as possible, there’s no sense in spending weeks or months of researching and conducting your own campaigns only to be considered a novice or intermediate expert on the topic. Instead, you could take the immediate approach by working with an established Gen Z Guru who already has amassed several years of experience in effectively targeting members of Generation Z demographic within a broad range of niches and industries. 

2. Follow and Understand Gen Z Interests and Trends

How Millennials are Marketing to Gen Z

Sometimes the marketing material has nothing to do with whether Gen Z is going to gravitate towards your brand – it might just be the product or service itself. If you want to ensure that you’ll be capturing the attention of a lot of people who were born after the mid-1990’s then you need to be creating product lines and services that are related to the trends that are most popular in that demographic

3. Put Yourself in the Gen Z State of Mind

Finally, as the owner of a company that sells products to generation Z or as the manager of a marketing campaign that is targeting this group of young people, it’s important to spend a decent portion of your free time immersing yourself in the Gen Z culture and mindset. Instead of treating it purely as part of your business duties, make it a personal hobby and participate in all the same activities and social media trends that the kids are getting involved in. By putting in that extracurricular effort on your own accord, you’ll eventually become a Gen Z guru in your own right. 

Is Generation Z Worth Targeting on Its Own?

Gen Z is leading an evolution in shopping that could kill brands as we know them

Right now, millennials and baby boomers are the biggest spenders on the planet, but as you might expect, that won’t be the case a decade from now. Generation Z represents the next wave of opportunities for inventors, entrepreneurs, and innovators who have the desire to shape the future with revolutionary products and services. Thus, it can be concluded that Generation Z is a particularly interesting group to cater to if you’re trying to build momentum for a line of futuristic or highly entertaining products that are related to personal technology, gaming, or other topics that are beloved by the soon-to-be breadwinners of Generation Z.

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