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Instagram Ads: Tips & Examples Of Instagram Ads We Love

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Advertising has always been an essential part of business. Advert mediums have evolved over the years from being through paper fliers, to television adverts. And now, social media is where almost all advertising goes down. Instagram business is here for evolution, and with Instagram Ads, e-commerce is getting much better.

What Are Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are posts paid for by business owners to advertise their products on Instagram. They are usually labelled “sponsored posts”. You can link them to your website, Instagram account or direct message.

Sponsored posts (photos and videos) were first introduced in 2013. Now, there are over 2 million advertisers on Instagram.

Types of Instagram Ads 

There are a variety of Instagram ads. If you run any kind of business, it’ll be in your best interest to study Instagram ads types and use the one that best suits your business.

  1. Photo or Image ads

These ads involve using visually appealing photos. If your brand is using image content to inform its audience, then image ads are the best choice. Use high quality or professional photographs. Also, add compelling captions to convince your audience even more.

  1. Instagram Story ads

About 58% of Instagrammers claim to have become more interested in a product after seeing it in Stories. Story ads are full-screen sized photos or videos of your product. They come between stories of other accounts. There’s a swipe up call-to-action at the bottom of the story that can take people to your profile or website.

Image source: Instagram| @craftedbyrobin
  1. Video ads

Videos are great when you want to show more details about your products. Video ads will draw up clients who want to see more.

  1. Carousel ads

This allows business owners to use multiple images to advertise in a single post. Amazing, right? 

In one post, your customers can see the different products and services you offer from different angles.

Image source: Instagram| @fifi_pompom
  1. Collection or Shopping ads

These ads look like regular feed posts but are more. On the left bottom corner of a collection ad post, you will see a little shopping bag icon. Tapping on this icon will open up a collection of items or lead you to the description page of products. More interestingly, you can check out any item from the collection within the app.

Image source: Instagram @nicolemehta
  1. Reels ads

Another interesting ads format is the Reels. Like Stories ads, Reels ads appear between reels. You can also use pleasing audio for reels.

  1. Explore ads

The Explore tab is where Instagram users can access new content out of their feeds. It is an excellent spot for exposure and that’s why explore ads are great. 

Why You Should Use Instagram Ads

  • To increase organic reach

Hootsuite says that the total potential reach of Instagram ads in 2022 is 1.8 billion people. This means that if you decide to use Instagram ads, you have a high chance of reaching more people. Instagram will help you use targeting options to reach your target audience. These targeting options include:

  • Reach users via demographics 
  • Reach people in a specific location
  • Target ads to people based on their interests
  • Personalization of ads using the email address and phone number.
  • Create a lookalike audience.
  • Reach users through ” automated targeting”
  • To generate leads

When your ads reach the right people, you will get new leads for your business. You can specifically make lead generation ads to help you get the contact details of your target audience.

  • To achieve brand awareness

You can create sponsored posts that will buttress the essence of your brand. As more people see your ads, they will get information about your brand. Eventually, You will get more followers and likes.

  • To boost sales

Your ads will target those who will most likely be interested in your brand. This will create an opportunity for sales, especially with the Instagram shopping feature.

Tips For Using Instagram Ads 

1. Set A Goal For Your Instagram Ad

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You need to set a goal for your Instagram ads. Knowing what you want to achieve with an ad will guide you in choosing the right advertising format. It will also aid you in measuring the performance of an ad. 

In creating a campaign using Facebook ads manager, there is a list of objectives to choose from. This will tailor your ads to reach the right people. These objectives include:

  • Brand awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic to websites 
  • App installs
  • Engagement
  • Video views
  • Lead generation
  • Messages from clients 
  • Conversions
  • Catalogue sales
  • Store traffic.

2. Know Your Target Audience 

Knowing your audience will help you create ads that will attract them. You will make products that will cater to their needs. Once your ads show a product that can solve their problem, they will hurry to make a purchase and even engage your post with their Instagram likes and shares.

3. Use Visually Stunning Media

The main aim of advertising is to attract more customers to your brand or products. You need attractive photos and videos to catch the eyes of your clients. Amazing photos can make people take your call to action seriously. They may swipe up to your website, tap to see your product collection or give out their contact information.

4. Optimize Your Captions

Your captions should contain relevant keywords to make your ads discoverable or pop up in Instagram searches. Add Instagram community and branded hashtags to lead people to your other posts.

Image source: Instagram| @hervestng

5. Make Relatable Ads

People are looking for brands that represent their demographics. Your ads should tell stories that your audience can relate to. It should capture hearts and appeal to emotions. Instagram carousels will help you tell relatable stories better.

6. Make Ads That Look Less Like Ads

Most times people ignore posts that look too promotional. There are so many businesses trying to sell us stuff and it sometimes gets annoying. You don’t want your ads to come off like regular adverts. To avoid this: 

  • Create high-value organic posts before and after you make ads.
  • Make your ads have a similar theme to your organic posts. This will help you build an interesting feed.

7. Include A Call-to-action

Your ads should call people to take action that will lead them to your products and services. Call-to-action buttons can ask people to do any of the following:

  • Apply now
  • Install app
  • Send message
  • Learn more
  • Subscribe
  • Sign up 
  • Book now etc

Examples Of Instagram Ads We Love

Many Instagram accounts have created excellent Instagram ads that we love. You should look at these ads and get inspiration.

  1. Potterybarn

This shopping ad by @potterybarn is a good example because it provides value. The caption is not only excellent, it also educates readers . The photo itself is professional and high-quality. They made a smart move by adding a CTA for people to use the Brand’s hashtag. Plus, the ad doesn’t look too promotional.

2. HP

In this sponsored post, @hp uses bright colours making the post look catchy. The ad is very informative and one can quickly understand the essence of the post.

3. Blue Apron

We love this ad by @blueapron because it showcases its different products using carousels. The images are quite attractive and mouthwatering, which is enough to make people tap on the CTA button and visit their profile.

5. Venmo

This story ad by @venmo cuts right to the chase. Venmo encourages users to pay attention to tham between Stories by using engaging graphics and a focus on rapid cash. Their CTA for “Sign Up” is simple and effective.

6. Zapier

In this ad, @zapier uses a simple typography design to convey its message and calls people to take action. The caption is succinct and catchy. Plus, the ad doesn’t look too promotional. 

7. Kiehl’s

Here, @Kiehls uses the Instagram story ad format. Avocados are well-known for their nutritive qualities as well as their Instagram-worthy appearance. Kiehls decided to take advantage of this by inventing an avocado-infused eye cream and promoting it using fresh avocados.

Thanks to the relaxing color scheme and a real-life kitchen arrangement, the commercial also seems quite authentic. 


Instagram Ads have helped businesses achieve their goals of brand awareness and more sales. It is an excellent option for every business that wants to see the growth of its brand. If you want to change your Instagram marketing game, reading this article is the right move. Follow our tips and learn a thing or two from the brand that has made us smile with their ads.

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