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Check These 10 Useful Tips for Result-Oriented Ecommerce SEO

We cannot deny the importance of SEO for e-commerce sites because without it, you cannot achieve ranking goals. The competition among online businesses is quite high that a site requires proper SEO strategies for getting ranked at the top.

Ecommerce sites are not easy to rank especially if you rely on paid tools only because they prove effective temporarily. The organic approach is a bit time-consuming but it brings long-lasting results. In this blog, you will learn important tips for search engine optimization. Let’s dive into details:

Do Market Analysis

How to Properly Use SEO Analysis of Your Business to Boost Your Traffic

The first important thing is to do a market analysis to know where your site actually stands in the online world. There is a huge possibility that other e-commerce sites also sell the same products as yours so the competition is obvious. Market analysis will help you craft the best strategies as per the need of the site

You’ll need to read Google guidelines regarding e-commerce SEO because efforts will be of no use if you do not comply with Google analytics and other search engines. In short, when you plan about SEO, make sure you do the analysis first and then make a further plan accordingly.

Choose Keywords with Low Competition

Once you are done with market analysis, the next step is to choose keywords of your niche because relevancy is crucial to consider. People usually enter different keywords for searching a required item and there is strong competition among these keywords.

So, you will have to analyze which keyword suits your domain the best and it would be better if you rely on low-competition keywords because they get ranked early and do not require unnecessary efforts. Keywords of e-commerce websites are usually related to products.

For example, if you are selling mobile accessories on an e-commerce website, the keywords will also revolve around those products with adjectives in the beginning. Moreover, the area also matters a lot especially if you want customers from a specific region and it will require a keyword with the name of the city or town like eCommerce SEO Hong Kong. In short, when you decide about the keyword competition, do not forget to ponder the above-mentioned details.

Be Cautious about Duplicate Content

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It doesn’t matter which type of website you have, content should not be copied from any source. Plagiarized content can waste all of your efforts because search engines immediately identify such type of content and ultimately, the site will be on the black list. So, it would be better if you hire experienced content writers who can generate original content for you.

The quality of content is crucial to maintain because people do not like to read a poor-quality blog with zero substance. All articles should be relevant to your products. Moreover, experts believe that eye-catchy product descriptions with unique writing styles can help in increasing sales.


Are you aware of HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol secure)? Your eCommerce website should have HTTPS for an extra layer of security because encryption comes first. It is important to not compromise on security because intruders can hack the site for different unfair purposes.

You should rely on the best cybersecurity services for the safety of the site. When you look for e-commerce SEO services Hong Kong, make sure you check the rating and previous achievements because it will help you choose the best services.

Write Eye-Catchy Meta Descriptions

It is a fact that meta descriptions play an important role in attracting traffic so you should write them carefully. Try to follow the character count while writing a description because exceeding the limit will waste the whole effort. 

You can add a keyword in the description depending on your SEO approach. Two lines of description demand to stay precise and you can still add important information in the description.

Improve Website’s Navigation and Structure

How Website Design Can Make or Break the SEO for Startups

The website’s overall theme, structure, and navigation are important things to consider because visitors do not like to stay on a site with complicated navigation. You should keep things simple by adding features that prove easy to navigate. The overall color scheme should also be attractive enough that people get a wonderful first impression.

Quality images and accurate product listings are important for improving the value of a site. People notice such things and they rank a website accordingly. If a site requires unnecessary time to load, customers may not like to stay on the site and switch to a competitor for buying the same product.

Fix Broken Links and 404 Pages

There can be some broken links that should be fixed on time because they can affect the overall functionality of the website. When a 404 page appears on the site, traffic can be reverted back and this is a reason business sites bear the loss.

You should prefer to avoid such issues and for this purpose, you may need a team that can provide 24/7 support. In short, errors in the system should not be delayed and you should report them to the IT department for immediate response.

Optimize the Site for Mobile Devices

An Introduction to Mobile SEO

Your e-commerce site should appear the same on the mobile phone as it appears on the desktop. You’ll need to optimize it for mobile phone devices and while doing so, make sure that quality doesn’t get affected. 

Some websites do not appear accurately on mobile phones and it proves a blunder for e-commerce sites because 60% of traffic comes from mobile phones. In short, the site’s optimization for all devices is crucial and it should be managed carefully.

Audit the Site  

The next important step of e-commerce SEO is to do a site audit because it will let you know the detailed report of the site. You can even make an idea regarding the improvement required because the audit report will let you know the flaws.

Always Provide Valid and True Information

SEO Copywriting: How to Write Content For People and Optimize For Google

You should make sure that the information given on the site is authentic because people decide to buy a product on the basis of available information. In short, these suggestions are crucial to ponder for result-oriented e-commerce SEO.

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