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10 Tips to Network and Grow Even if You’re Shy

Individuals who succeed in business do so by networking. A strong network helps people find customers, bring in new talent, and locate new employment. However, shy men and women struggle in this area, as they feel networking is manipulative and insincere. Their careers suffer as a result because they aren’t building relationships that benefit both parties. If you are shy and need help building a network, the following tips can be helpful. 

Start Small

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Begin building a network with friends and relatives. Doing so helps to build confidence before you branch out and network with strangers. Each successful conversation moves a person toward extending their network. Furthermore, make contact with people you have met in the past. This connection could be beneficial in the future, so send them a short message after the initial encounter. 


Invest in a Coworking Space, and spend time there regularly. Do so even if you have a regular office, as conversations held at the coworking facility can lead to adding more people in your network. This serves as a great way to meet professionals who are looking to move their careers forward. They may be of benefit to those they met along this journey. 

Don’t Apologize When Help is Needed

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Shy individuals often apologize when they ask someone for help. They see networking as an intrusion on others and feel other people won’t want their time wasted. When a person apologizes, they appear to be lacking in self-confidence and professionalism. In a network, people help each other. Keep this in mind, as the person who is helping may need assistance later that only you can provide. 

Head Tilt

When speaking with someone, tilt your head. This shows them you are listening to what they have to say. People will find you to be more charismatic when you use this simple trick. 

Meet Three

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When attending an event, set a goal to meet three new people. These events are designed to bring people together. Benefit from that and reach out to others. After meeting three people, it’s perfectly fine to leave, but don’t do so until that goal has been met. 


A smile makes it easy for people to approach you. When a person is uncomfortable, they often walk around with a frown on their face, and people avoid them. Smile when passing someone or saying hello and see how it changes their reaction to you. And of course, you can improve your smile with the cosmetic dentist in las vegas.

Ask Questions

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People love to talk about themselves, which is of great benefit to a shy person. Ask an open-ended question and let the other person talk. This takes the burden off of the shy individual while helping to build a connection. The other person will remember you as a good listener in the future and appreciate that. 

Carry Business Cards

Have business cards ready to share with others. The cards help a person remember you even when they have met countless individuals. Shy people need to make the most of every contact, and exchanging business cards serves as a great way to build a solid connection. 

Stand in Lines

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A great way to meet new people is to stand in line. While waiting, people often strike up a conversation. Shy people love this technique, as they know they can meet new people and walk away if they choose to when they get through the line. 

Use Their Name

People love to be recognized by their names. Use a person’s name when meeting them for the first time, as this makes it easier to remember. Furthermore, try to come up with a visual cue to help you keep everyone straight. Find something unique about the individual and connect it with their name. 

Use every opportunity to network. A person can never know when they will make a solid connection that will be beneficial in the future. Although this is difficult for shy people, the results make your efforts worth it in the end. Try these techniques and soon you will be coming out of your shell more and making connections everywhere you go. 

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