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Best Ways to Generate More Business Leads

Successful companies typically depend on expanding their customer base in order to grow and reach their financial goals. With approximately a third of businesses with employees failing within their first two years, according to the Small Business Administration (SBA), a regular stream of business leads is critical to avoid becoming part of that statistic. 

Of course, getting those business leads can be easier said than done, but these options can help you do just that. 

Customer Referrals

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One of the best places to get more business leads is from your current customers. As they’ve already purchased from you they know how your services and products work. Assuming they’ve had an excellent experience, their referrals will be particularly valuable, much more so than cold calling or emailing to prospects who aren’t familiar with your business. 

Even better, offer incentives for current customers to provide referrals, such as a credit or a discount on future products or services. When you do receive a referral, send a thank you card or a thoughtful, personal gift that is’t related to what your company is offering.

Social Media

With just about everyone online these days, social media is one of the best places to generate more leads, you just need to reach your target audience. It’s important to connect with as many people in your current network as possible as well as those within your industry. Each connection will help extend your reach. 

An even better way to generate more immediate business leads is through paid media. That means you’ll pay Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to have your content shared with specific targetted audiences who are the most likely to be interested. It allows you to select demographics such as location and age as well as users’ favorite things like hobbies, a sports team, or even foods. 

Paid media typically provides results almost immediately as you’ll be reaching the right people for high-quality leads. 


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If your website doesn’t already have one, be sure to start a blog and use it to tell potential and current customers about special discounts as well as the types of problems you can help them solve. Keep in mind that human-focused, value-based content based on your unique buyer’s journey is the most valuable. Consider profiling your clients occasionally as well. You’ll be helping them build awareness of their businesses and they’ll share your pieces with their networks. 

Your posts should also be search engine optimized using the appropriate keywords to drive the traffic that you need to get the highest quality leads. Don’t forget to share each one on all your social media platforms too. 

Host Informative Webinars

Webinars can be a win-win. You’ll share your ideas and educate your potential customers while also demonstrating your skills and meeting the needs of those who truly have an interest in the subject matter. Those who attend will be great quality leads, plus invitations sent via social media and email are excellent branding tools.

Giveaways and Contests

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Everyone likes “free.” A contest or giveaway can generate lots of great leads. For example, you can offer a prize in exchange for participants sharing content, tagging, and referring friends. While it is a subtle form of advertising, it feels more like a brand that is trying to do something generous, which leaves entrants with a more positive association. 

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