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How to Have an Interesting Instagram Feed?

Are you looking for some ideas that can help you brighten up your Instagram account? Do you want people to navigate to your profile and find reasons to follow you? Check out some of the cool tips that can make your Instagram posts interesting.

1. Go with Instagram aesthetics

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You might know that Instagram feeds need a type of theme. You can choose fashion, food, travel, and so on. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to similar types of posts as most people do. Rather than going with one theme, you can choose common aesthetics that reflect through your posts. It gives you the freedom to include more types of posts until it fits the vibe of your account. For example, you can use images with bright colors – add lots of golden, bright shades, and so on. Using similar camera type that maintains the quality of images also maintains aesthetics.

2. Use similar filters

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To have a natural feed flow, you should be consistent about editing your images. You don’t need to use one filter all the time, but you can limit the usage for your aesthetics. You can use apps like VSCO Cam so that you can get a lot of golden effects. Check out other options that can help you maintain aesthetics and color tones.

3. Don’t go out of order

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Suppose you have garnered quite a few followers and people like your posts. Don’t do anything that makes you go out of order, and makes people unfollow you. For example, you might be a fitness enthusiast that shares videos from the gym. It is the only aspect that interests people. They wish to know what you eat and how you maintain yourself. If you start posting about fashion or food, people might not like your feed anymore.

4. Use photos that fit

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One more addition to aesthetics is to make sure that the selective images that you post fit into the size. For example, an image full of people will come out to be a minimalist feed, irrespective of all the edits. If you have bright images, you might attract more people towards you. You can also use apps that help you crop images to fit them on Instagram and edit for better quality.

5. Take time

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If you want to accelerate up the Instagram account, you need to spend time on it. Two-three years back, people were actually instant with Instagram posts. However, posts nowadays are planned way in advance and have strategic goals. You need to plan your posts accordingly, to reach out to people in a better way. If you need help managing everything, maybe reach out to a growth service so you can focus on the engagement your fans deserve.

6. Blend interests

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You need to interest people with things that interest you, only when what interests you is worth it. If you like something that you feel like sharing on Instagram, you need to think about how it can interest someone else. You need to think about what you like and how you can make it likable to people you send it to. If both match, you have an added satisfaction, while people connect to you in a better way.

Instagram feeds can interest people if you have unique and eye-catchy content. Depending on what you do, how you do, and how you present leaves a lot of difference on the prospects. You must follow Instagram trends, competitor’s ideas, and find creative ways to promote what you do. If you cover these aspects, it becomes quite easy for you to generate interesting content. Hire people who are updated with Instagram trends to give you a better idea on how to frame your content.

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