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How Time Lapse Technology can help Quality inside Companies

Control of quality is one of the most important actions to take, if we want our clients to be satisfied. That is because a small slip can end-up creating major problems, in the long run. Also, constant control helps to pinpoint issues, as they happen. Thanks to a time lapse camera filming continuously, by shooting images at regular intervals, it becomes much easier to determine where problems lie.

On a Construction Site

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Many companies inside this industry position construction time lapse camera, before the work starts. It is a tool that they couldn’t live without, anymore. There are many reasons for this. The first is quality. Thanks to a time lapse camera, managers can view the work that has been done, no matter where they are located in the world. By using a software and 4K technology, the images taken are being sent to them, online, and they can review them whenever they want. Therefore, they can look at every action that is being taken on the field, in order to make sure that quality remains high, at all times. 

However, that is only the first reason why they use it. In fact, this tool has helped make construction sites much safer places for employees, as all accidents that have happened were able to be reviewed. Sometimes, such tragedies are created way before they happen. Either because the material used was not the right one, or through human error. When managers watch the time lapse, they can go back as far as they way to try to identify the cause of the accident, so that they can remedy the situation in the future; the goal being that it never happens again, naturally.

Reproduce or augment Quality inside Manufacturing Sites

Inside manufacturing plants, some elements take a long time to be fully built. On such occasions, positioning a time lapse camera, to watch as it unfolds, is a great idea that serves two purposes. The first has to do with training. There is no better way to show an employee how to do a job, then by showing him how it is done, in the first place. When you position a time lapse camera, it records through a regular series of snapped images, the knowledge of the employee at hand. Therefore, using the time lapse video for new recruits, is the perfect way to go to make sure that quality remains high, in the future.

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The second element is more of a control nature. In fact, just as on a construction site, it is important to make sure that employees do their job well, so that the quality of the product is not lowered through time. Having a time lapse camera on site will enable managers to look at the work being done and to make changes, if they feel they need to happen, in order to produce a higher-quality products. It is also the perfect tool to find other issues and problems that may happen during manufacturing.

In general, time lapse cameras can raise the level of quality inside many different companies. They can also make them safer, which is an important factor for every worker around the world.

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