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Incredible Technologies From Around the World

Amazing technology is all around us. From the silicon chips that power your smartphone to the sophisticated software that you use to browse the internet, technology has continued to advance



A Space Traveler’s Guide to the Universe [Infographic]

Our lives inch closer and closer to our sci-fi dreams every day, from driverless cars on the streets to the iPhones in our pockets (as near to a Hitchhiker’s Guide


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The Outer Solar System: 5 Things We Know

Between the Pluto flyby of New Horizons and the funding of lightsails by Yuri Milner, the last few years have been full of information and wonder in deep space astronomy.


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6 NASA Technologies We Use Everyday

All of the Apollo missions were impressive not only because of the fact that during them the very first men landed on the moon, but also because it inspired the


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What’s Next? A Report on the Future of Space Travel

Anyone who saw Christopher Nolan’s movie “Interstellar” has to be excited for the future of space travel. Though anyone living today is probably unlikely to ever make it out of


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Is Solar Finally Ready Get Us Off the Grid – For Good?

First, this picture: Via In 1962, Everett Rodgers, a professor of communication studies, published a book with the scintillating title of Diffusion of Innovations. Borrowing jargon used to describe


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Fact Vs. Science Fiction…Are They Still Distinguishable?

Science-fiction novels don’t always correctly predict the future – but it is pretty jarring when they do. Really, science-fiction stories typically reflect the idiosyncrasies of their own time more than


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How the Sci-Fi Paranoia of the 1950s Become Part of the Contemporary Politcal Landscape

Genre fictions serve very real purposes. Comedies, of course, make life more bearable by making us laugh at the incongruencies we come up against in everyday life. Sword and sorcery