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How the Sci-Fi Paranoia of the 1950s Become Part of the Contemporary Politcal Landscape

Genre fictions serve very real purposes. Comedies, of course, make life more bearable by making us laugh at the incongruencies we come up against in everyday life. Sword and sorcery


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Does J.J. Abrams Have What it Takes to Keep the Star Wars Legacy Alive?

Star Wars fans are worried about the next film and that is perfectly natural. You would be worried whenever someone new comes to cut your hair. No? After you have


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15+ Massive Meteor Craters

Meteors… You know… Those things that killed the dinosaurs and threatened our planet and very existence in many hollywood films (Such as the 1979 film titled simply “Meteor”). They don’t


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35+ Epic Astronauts To Follow On Twitter

ASTRONAUTS ASSEMBLE! In many ways they are some one of the closest things we have to superheroes in real life – always fighting for the advancement of mankind. How do


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40+ Epic Homemade Telescopes (w/ How To Make Guides)

There are many types of telescopes in the world today. Some are super massive modern marvels and others are just your regular every day telescope that we have become accustomed


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10+ Epic Science Technology

Science is AMAZING (as you know lol), but what is also amazing is the technology that we enjoy as a result of the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of our