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50+ Geeky Wedding Ideas & Themes

It’s a new year! Welcome to 2014 Everyone! A new year brings new adventures in life and love. Love being one of the bigger of the two adventures :). People get obsessed over weddings, and no one gets more obsessed about things, than geeks! Today we have rounded up some of the most genius, geeky, creative, and crazy geek wedding ideas and themes we could find. These themes range from across all genres – star wars to game of thrones, and the images feature pictures of everything from awesome engagement photo ideas to geeky wedding cakes! If you are a geek in love, then you can surely find some inspiration for your wedding here. Heck, a lot of this stuff you could make yourself, DIY style! So get fall in love, and get creative with these ideas! Enjoy!

Probably the geekiest (and awesomest) way to remember saying “I Do”, with Sound waves! Science!

Dr. Who Fans! The Gallifreyan ring
Dr. Who Fans! The Gallifreyan ring

Freaking awesome for Zelda fans! It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This!

Zelda Engagement Box!

You HOTH to be kidding me! Millennium Falcon ice sculpture!? EPIC.

Such Whimsy.

Very Nature. (has sort of a LOTRs/celtic feel), very cool.

Math, is romantic. Clever way to say WE ARE ONE.

Chemistry Escort Cards!

Now that is a fantastic (and efficient) seating chart!

Cool idea for a gamer geek wedding! If they like Borderlands that is 😉

OH MY GOD. An animated video game wedding cake. DERNKEY KHERNGGG!!!

DIY: Electronic Wedding Invitations
Check out these DIY: Electronic Wedding Invitations!!

With a bit of tools, and some brain power (you are a geek after all) you can DIY these bad boys and make your own!

Star Wars inspired engagement photos! Dat Cosplay!

Ok that is pretty badass. World of Warcraft inspired Cosplay Engagement Photos

Aperture Science Companion Cube Ice Sculpture!! Portal FTW!

Wonder Woman ring by Paul Michael Designs

Moar ultra geektastic rings by Paul Michael Designs

Awesome idea for the astronomer geeks among us who have fallen in love! Why not chart each star, constellation and planet that was overhead on your wedding day?

Epic Astronomy Wedding Cake is EPIC. Even if it isn’t to scale. haha.

Awesome star inspired geek wedding reception

DIY Constellation cookies for your geeky astronomy themed wedding!

Nothing says forever quite like a function 🙂 – this ones for all you programmers


Epic Circuit Board Wedding Ring!

That Geography!

Who WOULDN’T want to be married next to a T-Rex? Just sayin.

Wedding vows on canvas! For the typography lovers

A wedding on halloween? How awesome.

Obligatory Mario Cake.

Wow. Now that is a ring bearer.

A most impressive wedding photo.

Awesome DIY Pop Up Invitations!

Click on it to learn how to make some for your wedding

Better bring your lightsabers to this wedding, sith abound!

Flipping AMAZING Portal Cake! Companion Cube!

SWEET JESUS. Most amazing game of thrones cake ever!

Indiana Jones’ Whip turned into a ring!

Someone, make this happen.


So Retro.

Ok that is an impressively designed cake!

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What was your favorite? Have an idea you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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