6 Awesome Gadgets That You Do Not Hear Mentioned Often

Under the growing complexity of modern life, lies a wide array of tech marvels that make thing easier for us. They stun with their impeccable design, a rich set of functionalities, and sheer awesomeness. Startups compete with corporate giants for a lucrative market, bringing forth an ever-growing assortment of tech marvels. It is nearly impossible to narrow down everything happening out there, but here are some products that have captured our imagination.

The Tile

This small gadget is used to keep track of your valuable mobile device. Namely, the Tile is a diminutive Bluetooth tracker, which can communicate with your phone remotely from over 100 feet away, allowing you to pinpoint the lost item right away.

Tile Mate – Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder

The limited distance means that it is best utilized in the workplace or back home. In any regard, this 1.5-inch piece of plastic has keychain hole, Bluetooth 4.0 support, and battery built in. It uses the dedicated app to quickly pair with a mobile device and find the item in question.

Bionic Bird

Bionic Bird – Touch The Sky

Drones seem to be all the rage, but why not stand out from the crowd with an amazing Bionic Bird? This futuristic robot toy is controlled via smartphone, with a range of 100 feet. Its life-sized bird body holds patented micro-technologies: Advanced electronics are mounted on a stamp-sized board, and cutting-edge mechanics eliminate the need for an extensive gear set. Wing bending system in combination with adjustable tail enables great maneuverability, while the striking, sleek design comes as an icing on the cake.

Avitron Remote Control Bionic Flying Bird – version 2

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Those who work at home are often undermined by improper conditions. Even many corporate offices are hardly any better. Well, from a health standpoint, standing is better that sitting the whole day, especially if you employ anti-fatigue mats.  They mitigate fatigue and discomfort and reduce the likelihood of injuries due to Cumulative Standing Trauma (CST). Namely, anti-fatigue mat utilizes soft, squishy material to encourage a subtle movement of muscles, spurring the blood flow to the heart. This is “dynamic ergonomics” at its best.

Soda Maker

SodaStream Fountain Jet Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit

Carbonated drinks with loads of syrup are not the healthiest thing in the world, but now we have an alternative, a soda maker.  SodaStream Soda Makers, for instance, future a compact design and sit nicely on the countertop. A 60-liter carbonator works its magic nice and easy, adding carbonation to favorite beverages. What is more, there is a wide range of bubbles, from lightly carbonated to super fizzy. One may use tap water or filtered one for tastier results.

MoodInq Programmable Tattoo System

SparkFun ElectriCute – Elastolite Electronic Temporary Tattoo

What do you do when you want to adorn your body, but want to steer away from permanent solutions? Well, you purchase a MoodInq Programmable Tattoo System, a true breakthrough gadget. It uses a proprietary E-link encapsulated pigment system to apply the grid called canvas to any part of the body. It can be configured to any shape and size and after the implantation is complete, you can utilize MoodInq Wand to change the tattoo. The database contains over 100,000 tattoo designs, which is sure to satisfy any taste.


Alcohol-sensing wearable wants to tell you how drunk you are

How many times did you wish to check the alcohol content inside your body, but had no means to pull it off? Fortunately, you can pull a great ace out of your sleeve, a Proof wearable sensor. The innovative technology harnesses data from the skin, the overlooked superhighway of molecules. Namely, the wristband detects chemicals in your body based on the perspiration and sends the information discreetly to your smartphone. That way, you can figure out the best course of action and whether another bear is a good idea.

Living the dream


Exquisite design, engineering prowess, and human ingenuity never seize to amaze us. Gadgets have become an integral part of our daily lives and they are starting to look awfully like concepts from SF movies. They exhibit a strong sense of innovation and vision, adding value and magnificence to your day without demanding much in return. They are techie’s dream comes true and the good news is that you do not even have to break the bank in order to fulfill it.


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