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The Power of the Smart Home: Are Light Switches Becoming Obsolete?

We reach for them without thinking, and we use them without so much as a glance, but now light switches may soon become a thing of the past. Yes, it’s happening yet again. The technology monster is rearing its head for the umpteenth time!

Technology is always charging full steam ahead and seemingly nothing can stop that momentum. Of course, it’s worth asking; is ditching old tech a good idea? With just a quick call of “Alexa, please turn on the lights!”, things may change forever.

That said, despite all the perks and benefits tech undoubtedly brings, it’s not always spiffy. Is this applicable to the eradication of the light switch?

Light Switches Made Us Independent?

Importance of Sleep

It’s a brutal truth, but it needs stating all the same; technology isn’t always a good idea. We’ve seen many examples in recent times of tech upgrades eroding the minds of the younger generations. For instance, in some schools, teachers have swapped out standard clocks for digital ones, solely because the children can no longer use the hands on the standard one. They. Can’t. Tell. The. Time.

When technology is living and breathing every moment for you, life becomes that more grey and opaque. Yes, it might be something as silly as a light switch, but it’s the subtle differences that can be the most impactful. Is technology now more than entertainment, but ingrained into our subconscious and way of life with every passing moment? The questions that once dogged speculative sci-fi features are now relevant to our own reality.

Are We Becoming Lazier?

Creating The Ultimate Smart Home

We all know the answer to this question. Yes, society is undoubtedly becoming lazier, and unfortunately technology is the root cause to this pandemic. It might seem a bit trivial and far fetched to mention, but for some people, roaming through the home to whack on a light or two was their limited amount of exercise for the day.

More alarmingly, it’s not even just about the minor loss of physical activity either. When whole homes can be whipped up into shape in a moment by talking to an AI, it’s quick yes, but it’s also worth asking if we’re losing something with it too. Our dignity? Our motivation to do anything at all? Will we feel that close bond with our homes when our homes barely need us anymore?

It’s Happened Before

How to Modernize the Tech and Entertainment Options in Your Home

Do you remember The Clapper technology? The idea was you’d walk into any room, clap your hands around like an eccentric magician, and your lighting devices would burst into life. Surely people would be more comfortable doing that than talking to an AI, yet still, no one is really using The Clapper tech anymore. Therefore, it’s worth considering whether light switches will ever be truly erased.

Five-Year Trend Forecast for Smart Home Automation

Some things are just fundamental to the homely experience, and the light switch is one of them. Granted, they go mostly unnoticed and unacknowledged, but it’s worth mentioning that it’s not out of spite or any kind of hatred. It’s simply because they’re so familiar in our lives now. They’re the norm, they always have been and always will be, and that’s the only reason they seem so trivial. Eat your heart out Alexa!

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