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Ways to Upgrade Your PC Gaming Setup

PC gaming is the preferred way of playing for millions of people around the world, and you can see why. It offers you a chance to regularly upgrade your setup, which is something you can’t do if you’re a console gamer. As soon as a piece of technology you use becomes outdated, you can swap it out and replace it. However, with so many options available to you, it’s not always obvious how you should go about upgrading your PC gaming setup.

Luckily for you, we’ve got lots of ideas that’ll massively improve how you game and how you experience gaming each day. If it’s been a while since you upgraded your gaming PC and you know it’s time for you to do so, you’ve come to the right place. There are helpful guides all over the internet detailing the technical steps of how to carry out upgrades and replacements of PC parts, but for now, here are the upgrades and changes to your setup you should focus on.

Upgrade GPU

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GPU is vital in any gaming PC, so even if you don’t know much about what it does or means, you should know that the quality of your gaming PC really depends on it. The GPU is the graphics processing unit, so if you want to experience the best graphics for the latest games, you really need to make sure that you have enough GPU power inside your gaming PC. If you haven’t upgraded the GPU for a few years or since you first got the PC now is probably the time for you to make a change. Since a cutting edge GPU is often the most expensive piece inside a computer, it sometimes makes sense to just catch a really good deal on a new gaming PC bundle that includes the latest GPU at a discounted wholesale price rather than buying it separately, depending on how much of your PC you are looking to upgrade.

Add More RAM

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The more RAM you have, the better it is for your gaming PC. You can easily add more RAM to your existing setup, so there’s no real reason not to. This is also one of the cheapest ways to upgrade your PC. Anyone can do it, it’s cheap and easy, and it really does have a big impact on how your gaming PC is able to perform. The main thing that’ll improve when you do get round to adding more RAM is the speed of your PC. It’ll start to process things much faster, and you’ll definitely notice this every time you use your gaming PC, so it’s worth the upgrade.

Invest in a New Monitor

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Having a great gaming PC with lots of processing power and everything else is great, but what use is all that if you have a monitor that’s not outputting the games in the way that shows off that power? That’s why you should think about upgrading your monitor while you upgrade all the other aspects of your gaming PC. Head to Tom’s Hardware and read their top 15 roundup of the best gaming monitors if you’re not sure which models are the best to invest in right now. Ideally, you should choose one that’s recent so it’ll be future-proofed

Invest in a New Gaming Chair

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The gaming experience isn’t all about the PC and the technology; it’s also about how you feel and how you experience that playing time. That’s why the gaming chair you use is so important. If you don’t have a dedicated gaming chair that’s been designed specifically for gaming, you definitely need to make that investment because it will have a huge impact on how you play games. The extra comfort and support you need during a long gaming session will make a big difference, so definitely make this upgrade as on as you can. Why wait? We periodically review the best ones available today, so you have all the information you need before buying one.

Improve Your Speaker Setup

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Another underrated aspect of PC gaming is audio. Gaming isn’t just about what you see on the screen, it’s also about the sound coming out of the speakers you’ve got in place. If your speakers are not capable of outputting the audio quality that you want from video games, you’re going to run into problems. It’s definitely worth thinking about whether you should improve your speaker setup. You can even choose a surround sound setup if you really want to get the most out of your game’s audio and massively improve your experience.

Use SSDs

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One option you might want to consider is switching your hard drive to an SSD. That stands for solid state drives, and they tend to offer you a performance boost compared to most of the other options available to you. Your gaming PC will load up and start quicker than it does right now, and the general performance of the machine will improve, and that’s never a bad thing for gamers like yourself. It’s not an essential upgrade, but it is pretty easy to do and it’s a cheaper options than it’s ever been before.

Assess Startup Programs on Your PC

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When you have lots of startup programs loading up everytime you turn on your gaming PC, it’s going to slow down the entire system. You should assess the situation and ask yourself which of those startup programs you really need to have on your computer and which ones you can delete and get rid of. Getting rid of some of this stuff will help you to keep your gaming PC moving much faster than might otherwise be possible. It’s a simple tweak but it’ll have the right kind of impact.

Buy the Best Headset You Can Afford

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If you’re a big online gamer and you play with friends when you’re playing your games, you’ll be pretty reliant on your headset. It’s something that’s worth investing in because comfort and quality both matter a lot. If you’re going to be wearing a headset for long periods of time, you want it to be comfortable. If it’s not, your headset will simply begin to frustrate and annoy you. That’s why you should buy the best-quality headset you can find. The high-end products like these will last you for a long time.

Improve the Cooling System

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Your gaming PC needs to be kept cool in order for it to function correctly. If you don’t have a good cooling system in place that’s capable of protecting your PC, it could become susceptible to overheating problems, and that’s obviously not what you want at all. If you’re upgrading the other things here and making your PC more powerful than ever before, it makes sense to improve the cooling system too. That way, you will be able to ensure your cooling system is capable of dealing with the new power of your system.

Use Canned Air for Cleaning

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Keeping your PC clean is obviously important because it will perform better if it’s clean and there’s no dirt or dust inside it. One good way to deal with these kinds of issues is to used canned air. This might not be something you’ve ever done before, but it definitely works well. The air is blasted out rapidly to force dust and dirt away from the system, and that’s what keeps it clean. You can buy canned air very easily, and it’s just as quick and easy to use it as well.

Don’t Forget About the Mouse and Keyboard

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As any PC gamer will already know, the mouse and keyboard is vital because these are how you control your games. Unlike consoles, conventional controllers are not used by most PC gamers. The mouse and keyboard is seen as the optimal way to control your games and play them with precision. Your old mouse and keyboard might do the job well enough, but a more modern and complex mouse and keyboard will almost certainly improve your gaming experience. There are so many different options to choose between if you want a new mouse and keyboard.

Get the Desk Setup Right

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A good desk will definitely help improve your PC gaming experience. If you don’t have a good desk in place, now is the time for you to make this investment. It’s what every gamer should do because it’s the platform on which everything else happens. One good idea is to choose a desk that has an adjustable height, allowing to achieve the height that’s right and most ergonomic for you. These are pretty common and easy to find nowadays, so it’s definitely an option to consider.

Choose a Wired Online Setup

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If you’re serious about gaming and you like to play online, you need to make sure that you have a wired connection. If you’re still relying on a wireless connection, that’s something that really needs to change. Wireless connections are not very reliable and you won’t experience the fastest connection until you switch to a direct wired connection. You can use an ethernet cable instead of simply using a Wifi connection if you want to make this positive change. It’ll massively impact your online gaming experience.

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Your gaming PC doesn’t need to lag behind any longer. By making a few upgrades and changing how you experience gaming each day, you’ll have the best possible gaming experience each time you sit down to play. Each of these upgrade ideas will serve you very well indeed, so keep them in mind.

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