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Want to Integrate AI into Your Workplace? Here are 5 Things to Consider

AI has become ubiquitous in daily life, whether that is chatbots being used as first level customer support, or machine learning assistants such as Siri or Alexa.  As such, artificial intelligence has become more prominent in the workplace, and indeed can give small businesses a competitive advantage if they implement it successfully. Fortunately, AI can be quite cost effective, and allows you to harness the power of technology and improve your business performance.

Here are 5 tips for integrating AI into your company.

Use Existing AI and Platforms

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Building your own AI can be extremely expensive and unendingly complex, making it prohibitive to all but the biggest company. Luckily those same large companies have open-sourced their own AI efforts, so other companies can build their own AI into their applications for little or no cost. If you’re interested in this route, check out Tensorflow from Google or Fasttext from Facebook for examples of opensource artificial intelligence.

Introduce AI slowly and strategically

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You cannot implement AI overnight, instead you will have to start small. You can do this by integrating apps that assist your employees with their productivity, or that assists your customers (think, basic customer support apps). Next, you can move onto implementing further, more advance AI into your workforce.

Chatbots are good

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Chatbots can help you get immediate value and a good return on investment when implementing AI. Chatbots have the ability to interact with customers and answer basic questions, as well as route any inquiries to the appropriate member of staff. This can remove basic customer support from your financial spend and also improves customer support as it is available around the clock.

AI can improve teams

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Using AI is not implemented to enterprise development and data analytics, it can also allow you to predict success of your teams. Using AI, you can explore how your teams will work together, by deciphering their interpersonal skills and goals. Analyzing their mood, their personal skills and their abilities allows you to create teams for a project that you know will be a success.

Ensure that AI complements your business

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Often the fear behind being slow to implement AI is that the technology will depreciate the value of your human workforce or replace them completely. Instead, the opposite is true – AI actually helps improve your business efficiency by freeing up your human employees to do better, more complex business actions rather than catching up on administration and taking care of their calendars.

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Despite the uncertainty that sometimes surrounds implementing AI into your business, one thing is for sure – the field of artificial intelligence will keep expanding. There are already plenty of successful case studies and breakthrough that showcase why you should be implementing the technology into your business to ensure sustainability. It is better to be at the forefront of AI implementation, rather than playing catch up, so we advise you to continue creating, discovering and innovating when it comes to artificial intelligence in the workplace.

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