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5 Things to Consider When Going Into the Voice Application Field

With products such as Google Assistant, Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa on the market, the voice building industry is on the rise. Many homes even have more than one or two Amazon Alexas, which seems excessive, but it is 2018.

How Technology and Innovation Influence Our Daily Lives

A technological life is becoming the new norm. With that being said, the voice application field is hot and many developers and entrepreneurs are interested in building voice applications. Here are a few introspective things to note before going into the voice application field.

Who is the Target Audience?

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Google Assistant is targeting workers and businesses. Amazon’s Alexa is targeting virtually everyone who uses Amazon or technology, in general. What will make your voice application stand out? Who will it benefit? Considering this early on could be the key to an amazing idea that could give you a kick start.

The target audience is also important for the creative and branding team to know early on. This gives them the chance to work on the tone and branding as the application is being developed. Copywriting is also better done when the writers know who they are speaking to and what they are trying to convey.

The Best Way to Market Your Voice Application

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It would be the dream if everyone could make an app so amazing that it marketed itself. Sadly, this isn’t reality. It is essential to developing a process to look into the habits of the consumers who might also be interested in your application. Hire some social media and digital marketing gurus to do this part.

Video: The Most Effective Marketing Medium?

Social media influencers are a great way to start in this industry because if people are already on their phones, then the likeability of them seeing an influencer using an app they like is high. They also are likely to download it and try it out if they are already on their smartphone.

What Sets Your Application Apart?

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This is the question that can be asked about nearly any product in any industry. The products that answer the question with a great answer are usually pretty successful. For instance, what makes Tesla cars different from other cars? The cars are electric and more efficient. Companies like Tesla are the ones with a direct answer that gives people a reason to invest and purchase.

Do You Have the Talent? If Not, Can You Acquire the Talent?

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Talent loosely translates to a team of developers, copywriters, creatives, marketing, managers etc. This is something to think about in the initial stages when looking to build voice apps. Angellist is a website that allows startups in the tech industry to manage job postings. This is the best website to use because it predominantly is used by members of the tech industry. Angellist makes the contact process simple and this helps you ease into hiring the perfect team for potential voice application.

How voice technology will re-shape business

Considering remote work is a good idea in the early stages because there is a wider pool of talent to choose from and people are often drawn to remote work because it allows them to work more productively in the comfort of their own home. There are pros and cons to working with a remote team, but it is definitely a consideration, especially with the technology today.

Artificial Intelligence is on the Rise

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This is something to be wary of the entire time you are developing the voice application. Groundbreaking things are happening daily in A.I. This could have a significant impact on your brand and your application development. It is best to stay at the cutting edge.

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