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How Does Technology Continue to Drive Business Evolution?

The modern business world is more reliant on technology than perhaps ever before. Even businesses not involved in an overly technical sector as their core work will need technology to operate. This has happened in such big way that it is hard to see just what a change it has been. If you jumped in a time machine and went back just 10 years ago though, you would certainly see a big difference.

You would probably see social media not so central to marketing efforts and mobile devices still being used to actually phone people on, rather than conduct meetings or open emails. The Cloud was still something that most average business people thought was up in the sky outside. These three technological advances are now absolutely key to most businesses though.

This perfectly illustrates why technology is essential to driving modern businesses forward and why it will continue to do in the future.

What can tech do for you?


Even in the digital business world happening right now, some people may wonder why technology is so great for their organization. In simple terms, it allows you to connect with your customers in an easier way and market yourself to them. It also allows your company to work in a more efficient, less expensive and more streamlined way. After all, wouldn’t you rather email Bob from Accounts than go to his office ten minutes’ walk away every time you had a message for him?

How is technology evolving business in 2018?

5 Technology Trends to Learn in 2018 If You Want a Great Career

All the recent technological advances we have mentioned will already be familiar to you. But what are the next wave of developments expected to help businesses evolve into the future? Here are some of the most hotly anticipated ones:

  • Voice recognition – this has made its way into your home with products like the Amazon Alexa. But it looks set to be a trend many feel will impact positively on business too soon. The first benefit is how easier it could make your working life by acting almost as a virtual assistant that you can give commands too. It will also feature heavily as more people use it to search for services – this means businesses will have to take it on board when designing their website content.

  • Artificial intelligence – anther hot tech topic in business going forward will be artificial intelligence. This is already firmly in place but will continue to get more sophisticated and help business to evolve with it. This tech development allows for computers or pieces of software to learn and then perform set tasks. For business, it looks set to be adopted by many more companies in the form of chatbots or automated reporting.

  • Data analysis – the sheer amount of data even the smallest company can have on customers is amazing. Technology has made analyzing this data simpler than ever and it is expected more sophisticated ways of doing this will continue to evolve. This will in turn give businesses more ways to connect with customers in a meaningful way.

  • Augmented reality – this could be a real game changer for business into the future as more organizations use it. Augmented reality will allow consumers to actually see how a product will look in their home before they buy or how a dress may look on them. This tech will give endless possibilities when fully ready for all businesses and help to drive sales.

  • More Cloud use – Cloud technology is well with us now, but many expect to see it adopted on an even wider scale heading into the future. This will help business evolve into a much more productive and efficient sector with greater scope for collaboration online.

Business mentor Keith Krach knows just how key technology has been and will continue to be within the sector. As a Silicon Valley veteran, he has seen the great advances made in the past and just how businesses can use cutting-edge technology to their advantage.

Business will continue to change as technology does

New Technology We’re Actually Excited About for 2018

With the digital nature of business and the technology that drives it firmly in place, it is certain that as technology advances so will business with it. This will see business continually evolve as a sector to take the best of the latest technology to help customers with. While this is great for those consumers, it is also superb for your business. Technology will help you to operate in a sleeker, more efficient and lean way to drive your own personal business growth.

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