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How To Improve Air Quality At Your Workplace?

Weather is deteriorating day by day and year by year. Pollution levels in the air are rising at an alarming rate. This is a threat to human life and our environment as well. The air we breathe inside is of extremely poor quality. This also harms our health. How do we live without breathing?

The air quality if our work needs to be purified just like the way we are doing for the outdoor air. Air is found in abundance – both indoor and outdoor. It is extremely important for the health and productivity of your employees that you create a healthy atmosphere at your workplace.

Not many people will notice the good quality of air in their workplace, but they will notice if it’s bad.

Is The Air Inside As Good As Outside?

Research: Stale Office Air Is Making You Less Productive

The indoor air quality can be polluted too. Who says it is not? Let’s take for instance; there are several employees in just one huge cabin which does not even have proper ventilation. Does it make sense for you to get a fresh dose of air? No of course not. The air quality, if tested, will be extremely at an alarming level. And, this is because while you breathe out, your body releases toxins, bacteria and carbon dioxide that though cannot be seen but is polluting the oxygen levels. This matches even the pollution levels of the outdoor air.

Also in cases when you have more people working in one room together, dirt and dust can build up quickly. If your employees complain about headaches, respiratory problems and coughing while they are working, the air quality can easily be the cause of those issues.

To prevent these health problems, read about these ways to improve the air quality in your workspace:

  1. Keep the windows open. This is called cross ventilation. Ventilation is extremely important in any workplace you go. If there are a dozen employees in one big cabin, you should have a proper ventilation system to improve the air quality and get some fresh dose of air.

  2. Keep your office, or your cabin cleaned regularly. Get the mopping and the sweeping done at least twice if you are in your workplace for more than 8 hours. Prevent and avoid the dust particles being collected on the table or other surfaces.

  3. Make your cabin/office a greener space. Plant plants outside your cabin or your workplace. Water them regularly. Planting a plant will fetch you some fresh and better air. As the theory behind the plants we all know is not a secret that plants produce oxygen, right? And not only that, but they also absorb a lot of “bad air” and freshen up the air we breathe.

  4. Clean the fans and the vents regularly. Let no dust collect on air conditioners or fans. This will prevent the piling of dust thus clearing the air quality. They are used during the summer mostly, and if not maintained properly, they will end up just throwing around dust and dirt all over the workplace. This way the employees breathe in all the dust, germs and bacteria which can jeopardize the overall health of both the employees and office visitors.

  5. Clean the rubbish regularly. Ask your sweeper to clean that pile of garbage from the garbage box which is planted outside your office. It is good to plant a rubbish box outside your place, but it is not at all a good idea to keep piling up the rubbish. This induces odor and flies which certainly damages and pollutes the air that you breathe.

Following the important steps above can improve your quality of living both at workplace and residence.

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