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The Importance of Compactus Mobile Shelving

Why this well-used, but perhaps not-so-well-known storage system is here to stay. 

The story of compactus mobile shelving is a bit of an odd one. Chances are, even if the name doesn’t immediately ring any bells, you’ve worked with the system before. This incredibly popular shelving concept really made tracks (excuse the pun) decades ago, when companies and business relied heavily on paper. Filing systems quickly became cumbersome as more papers, books, receipts, and ledgers required long term storage. 

Compactus shelving became ideal for storing large amounts of inventory and paperwork that didn’t necessarily need to be front and center but required the occasional access. 

As modernization brought around digital storage, compactus shelving units were stowed in the back of museums, libraries, and largely, the minds of business. But, as the era of digitization left behind the paper, it also created a need for more. More inventory, more convenience, more options. 

The internet brought with it easy access to a wide variety of goods and services, leaving brick and mortar purveyors in need of a storage solution to hide unsightly necessities of business, leaving space for the goods and services they wanted to extend to their clients. 

Compactus Comes Back

Think of your friendly car insurance provider. If you go into their shop, everything looks sleek and modern. It’s rare that you’ll see piles of papers, stacks of pens, or cubbies overflowing with merchandise. 

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However, ask for a pen, and it’s there. Snag a company cup holder while you fill out the necessary forms. How do they do it? Is there a back room somewhere, teeming with cascades of office supplies, barely outlined under dim lit bulbs? Chances are, no. Because as anyone who owns a business property can tell you, space is at a premium and every square foot counts. 

Compactus has come back, offering simple elegance and quiet convenience. The solution to almost any modern storage quandary has become compactus. In fact, even the experts at Australia’s top seller of storage solutions agree, compactus is the answer. “We have people come in, describing similar problems,” Says one of Premier Lockers associates. “They tell us that they have a bunch of inventory, or books, or art. Something that their company needs to have on hand, but that they don’t want visible” 

What Exactly Is Compactus?

“We get asked that a lot. Once we start explaining to people what the units are, there’s a moment of recognition. An ‘oh yea! I’ve seen those’” Compactus are highly customizable, so explaining exactly what one storage unit looks like can be a bit tricky.

All compactus units start with “bays”. Bays are essentially units that resemble upright bookshelves. These bays are set on wheels, and the wheels then articulate with tracks that are inlaid in the flooring. Allowing the units to press against one another, creating a massive block of shelves that can then be pulled outward to create an aisle where and when you need it. 

The wheel and track system helps keep the bays secure, even when loaded with heavy items. They also allow for ease of movement, no matter what you’re storing in them. “The locomotion systems themselves are also customizable. So you can have units that are purely mechanical, so you move them by hand. Other units are motorized, so at the push of a button, the unit does all the hard work for you. Opening up to the exact spot you need.”

Premier Lockers also says that the shelving systems can be customized. Allowing for good storage of oversized pieces, or small drawers or cabinets to house smaller items. “What you can do with them is really only limited by what you can think up.” They say. 

Saving Space, Money, and the Environment

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Thanks to compactus and similar shelving and storage units, businesses are able to keep more inventory on hand, without sacrificing floor space or aesthetics. This means that fewer trips to or from a distributor are necessary, cutting down on carbon emissions. 

Businesses everywhere are being urged to become more environmentally conscious. From properly sorting refuse, to using better-rated lighting, there are a number of fantastic practices to help your business stay green. Even for smaller startups and companies. 

Making the most of your available space in a way that fits your ethos and your needs is paramount to the modern-day business. Thanks to clever storage solutions and a revamp of the old favourites- that is now easier than ever. 

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