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50 Most Realistic Minecraft Creations

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Created by John Lundsten – I run a Minecraft related website website called MinePick which is a toplist for Minecraft servers. I have a great interest in Minecraft and enjoy spending a few hours each week playing it.

Minecraft gives truly endless possibilities in letting your creativity take over your gameplay. It’s unique in that way as you can, with only your mind and cubic blocks, create anything you like. Today we take a look at some of the most amazing realistic Minecraft creations: cities, houses, ships, castles, and a lot more different types of builds. The fact that these creations exist in the game help to explain why the game Minecraft has become such a breakout hit and adored by fans all over the internet. The world is your sandbox, and no where is this more true than in Minecraft. Prepare to be amazed by these epic examples of minecraft creation – and possibly be inspired to build your own! Enjoy!

The City of Adamantis: A huge and beautiful fantasy city (over Sixty million blocks!!), yet practically realistic and gives a touch of old architecture style.

A realistic creation called Downtown. Representing similarities of modern cities around the world.

Several islands connected to create a huge world called World of Keralis. In this world we can find all necessities, such as airports, harbours including several realistically created ships and many different types of buildings. We have got villas, skyscrapers, warehouses – anything you can find in a real life city.

What you see here is just a taste of what is currently being worked on by a group of Minecraft players. It’s a city called Sunspear which exists in the fictional world called Westeros. Westeros is known from the popular book and tv show A Game of Thrones, that being the first novel in A Song of Ice and Fire series.

The Wall is an enormous wall protecting the “good world” from wildings, something which was also taken from A Game of Thrones.

The blocky feeling Minecraft gives is suitable for a lot of creations. This is a modern house which has everything from a swimming pool to a balcony.

Another modern house, which is one of my favorites. This house uses an excessive amount of space – it has several constructions that easily could have been left out, such as the balcony on the garage rooftop and the small waiting area at the entrance. The creator really thought this one through.

A magnificent cathedral. The cathedral is inspired by the Notre Dam Cathedral in Paris, but also covers elements seen in other cathedrals around the world.

Songdale Cathedral: A bright and joyful cathedral. Uses amazing lighting creating a colorful cathedral spreading happiness.

Another favourite. The architecture isn’t a constant flow of similarities. Instead the creator has decided to give the house several different shapes.

Same designer and creator as the one who created the house above. This one uses a more simple design as the shapes all over the house are pretty much the same, still making it to a very nice looking modern house.

Olann Island: I would prefer calling this island The Pleasure Island as it’s just what it is. It’s is a small island in the middle of nowhere. You probably wouldn’t cry if you got stranded here as you can find a lot of fun things on the island: a casino, carousels, boats, roller coasters and a lot more.

A replica of New York as it looked during the 1940s.

We all know Minas Tirith from The Lord of the Rings. There have been a lot of recreations of this place but this is probably one of the most successful and largest one.

Even though the creation of a pyramid to build is quite simple, this still creates a nice picture.

A luxurious cruise ship.

A futuristic city. The buildings are very well structured and everything in the environment is really thought through.

Tephra Castle and the town of Noxshire: The snowy hilltop and the castle makes this town a very beautiful scenic picture.

A spot-on Minecraft replica of the world famous boat the “RMS Titanic”.

Mineville: A city similar to New York.

Ships crossing the ocean.

A village called Jorvik. Stunning waterfalls and small charming houses.

A grandiose castle!

The Temple of Kredik Shaw: It was inspired by Hagia Sophia which today is a museum in Istanbul. However, it’s not a replica as it shows only a few similarties.

High Rossferry City is a modern city inspired by famous artists such as Van Gogh. It is no doubt the creator has a very artistic mind and great knowledge of modern architecture.

A beautifully designed garden using French architecture.

Kings Cathedral: The attention to detail given on this project is amazing. It’s a huge cathedral with a lot of see inside as well.

Sand Palace: This project is similar to detail with the project above. The creation has a sandy theme to it as most blocks used are sand blocks.

A creation featuring several different types of modern skyscrapers. The design is extraordinarily awesome.

A modern house in a snowy landscape. The shapes used shows that there is more to it than just logic sense – it’s art.

An old building having a medieval look.

Imperial City: Built in several different styles used in architecture during the 19th century and early 20th century.

Broville is a constantly developing city. It uses a somewhat different design to what we have seen earlier. It is way more simplistic yet thoroughly thought through. All houses seen are possible to enter and each offers a unique interior.

Parliament in roman style.

House inspired by Italian architecture.

Mattupolis: This is a city with several different types of building. The picture from their showcase I found the most realistic is the one below. It’s three apartment complexes.

ModernCity looks especially nice when the darkness has spread. The creator has managed to use the lighting objects in a very smart way.

A modern house with a relaxed style. The driveway uses bricks instead of grey stone, that gives it some colors.

Cosmopolitan Skyscraper: A very clean design. The fact it involves several lighter colors such as: light blue, light grey and several shades of white makes everything come together in a cool way.

Modern Mansion: A large mansion with a lot of space. The white and green colors look great.

Giza Necropolis: A beautiful scenic picture in a very realistic style.

Ship USS Enterprise

What was your favorite creation? Have a favorite creation that we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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    I think you need to make readers aware a lot of these pictures are 3d renders of the minecraft build, and not actually screen shots from inside the game.

    • 3

      Not necessarily – screenshots of this quality can be taken in-game using a GLSL graphics mod for Minecraft. Realistic shadows, depth of field, reflections, all possible with a mod.

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        • 5

          No, Scatterlogical is right. Its a Graphics mod. They look really good. i have one running on my minecraft right now. look up “Minecraft Shader Mod” and you should find a few really good ones.

          • 6

            I also use the shaders. But I’m fairly certain that a few of these were externally rendered.

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    it’s so cool i can’t go and do it all in minecraft creative with my broter in flat world i will do it if where 100 friends we can do it now i build it all hahahahahha

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      you and me both mate! i’m okay with that though….as long as i like what i build and strive to learn more and better methods, so as to improve my builds.

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    The City of Adamantis reminds me of Jeracraft’s ‘Kingdoms of Greymane’. Awesome build, highly recommend checking out his youtube channel 🙂

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    I think you need to put in a big ben and the ‘burg khalifa’ if you know what that is, I think you do know but they would take loads of time and effort so I might just make big ben myself and it will take ages.

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