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Google Plus Rivals Facebook Connect with Launch of ‘Sign-in’

Google+ is quickly becoming a worthy competitor in the world of social Media! It’s been making moves to strategically position itself as one of the go to networks for internet audiences, and it seems to be doing pretty good so far. Google+, no doubt, has grown massively since its inception (in mid 2011) and now boasts over 500 million users. While this is impressive (it is google after all), it still has a ways to go before it can slay the evil Zuckerbeast (facebook, lol). The latest move by google however hopes to level the playing fields a little bit, lets talk about Google+ “Sign-In”.

Introducing Google Sign In

Google+ Sign-In: Boost Engagement & Installs

In its latest attempt to compete with Facebook – google has introduced a new sign in feature that (not surprisingly) lets you log into apps and websites using a one click login that uses your google plus account info. Just like Facebook connect, but of course, it is a little different. Signing into websites securely with Google will also allows users to install mobile apps from sites with one click (If they have an app) as well as manage their setting by going to

Although most techies tend to talk about the advantages of Google+ over Facebook, you might not be able to make out many differences. But to understand how the Google+ sign in button can compete with Facebook’s connect, you should take a look at the plus points of Google+.

How Will Google+ Sign In Overcome Facebook Connect?

Early Website Adoption

Introducing Google+ Sign-In: simple and secure, minus the social spam

If Google Sign In is to be a success, ideally every website on the internet that has a Facebook Connect button needs to adopt the Google Sign In with open arms. If no one uses it, of course growth would be hard if not impossible. Luckily for Google a lot of reputable sites on the net have already scooped it up and are running with it in the wild – Websites such as Fancy, Fitbit, Flixster, The Guardian, USA Today to name a few.

Easy Access & Control of information

With most things in the tech world, it really comes down of ease of use, privacy, and control. If something is easy to use people start using it as if it was a second nature, it fades into the background of their normal everyday workflows, it makes life easy. Does Google Sign In achieve this goal? Pretty much. Here are just some of the features you can expect from Googles new Sign In process.

  • It gives you easy access to the app downloads from your mobile devices and reference to the Play store.

  • While you log in to a specific application, Facebook might not let you use flexible sharing options, you might share things with everyone or no one. But Google+ lets you monitor the level of information to be shared to others in every single step via Circles.

  • Also while someone shares information about an application or a game, people can download it right away without going to third party website.

  • You will get wider access to many of the Google applications right away while logging in through Google+, such as checking in with Google places to tell all your friends where you are.

  • When you insert the Google Sign In button onto your website or blog, you enable secure authentication and protection for your users.

It Isn’t Perfect. Yet.

Google+ Sign-In Sounds Simple For Users, But Lacks The Personal Info And Distribution Developers Need

While many Google Plus fans are rejoicing, you can be sure that just as many facebook fans are naysaying, and thus the social media battle continues. Like most new things, there is room for improvement, and I am sure that Google will be competing head to head with facebook on even grounds in the future when their user base catches up, but for now google is gaining much needed traction in the social space, and the gplus fanboys are happy – and facebook fan boys can still use that facebook connect button if they want to.

What is your favorite social network? Google Plus or Facebook? (or something crazy like twitter? haha) Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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