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Up In the Cloud: Modern Business Solutions

These days, business is all about the cloud. Data is the new oil! If you’re looking for data solutions, cloud connection is vital. The most economic solution by far is storing your data on the cloud. Four terabytes of data cost around $100. Certain industries such as finance and insurance require an enormous amount of storage. If you run a business, do not try and keep your own data. Entrust these services to cloud storage. Uploading and sharing data is super easy; the cloud makes your data instantly available. After you’ve modernized your data storage, you’re going to need proper management. Luckily in 2018, you’ll find comprehensive and safe solutions for data storage.

Leverage Cloud Tech

Finding The Right Balance For Cloud Security

Have you heard of the scalable data center? Essentially able to grow with no restriction, a scalable data center evolves with your business. More clients equal more needed space! Whether you’d like to have data servers on location or upload to another location, you must scale. It’s important to plan for upticks in business. You’ll need to have storage at your disposal, ready to go when the clients pour in. You could almost think of a scalable data center as a never-ending hard drive!  When you have your data hosted on trusted servers, you’ll never have to worry about lost information or corrupted drives.

Data Loss Is Expensive

Cloud versus Local storage: a tug-of-war for your data

Consider how damaging lost data could be. You could lose years of documents, important customer records, and even monetary records! Are you prepared for a power outage or natural disaster? When your data is stored under the umbrella of the professionals, you’re safe from any sort of losses. Make the right choice and upgrade your business to a managed data solution. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Are you involved in any sort of insurance documentation? Insurance can get complicated very quickly. Having the proper software to manage premiums and quotes can make or break a small business. Multiple agents within one organization need a way to check up on certain claims or customers, the proper software enables this. If you’re tired of doing the math for customer quotes, it’s time to upgrade to automated insurance management software. The software can do some really amazing things. Customers can get quotes directly from your website; you’ll be able to take their details and even pull up previous requests.

The great thing about both of these solutions is how much they enable your business to grow! The data age is here and everything we do is stored online. Don’t let your business fall victim to data losses, destruction, or even worse–a hack. Make the conscious decision to grow with your data. The goal of every business is to scale; your data solution should be no different. With the proper setup, you’ll not have to worry about the security of your data. You’ll be able to focus on your potential and run a world class enterprise.

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