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What Does Facebook Really Know About You? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Clearly, we’re all in a situation where our data and our lives (literally) are being mapped, and if it were just that that was the case as a result of some type of online footprint or “digital snap” of our online habits, that would be one thing.

We have all come to know beyond a doubt the past couple of years that hackers can use that information nefariously. In many cases, our Facebook accounts have been hacked, fake “twin profiles” have been created, and in many instances, our contacts have been duped into sending money away to people and places that don’t exist.

And those are the good guys.

Is Social Media Harmless Fun?

Remember that every time you click “like” or add a “heart” or “angry face” to a post or article, Facebook has data about you. Over time all those little clicks along with tags, memories, “check-ins”, friend or contact tags and likes will all form part of a complex algorithm that can be used to determine exactly who you are. 

In time, what if these sites were running in the background of our systems even after we logged out from them? Imagine the data they could be collecting then.

In most instances, we’re pretty sure that for the majority of us, this isn’t going to amount to much more than annoying ads and “targeted” news articles, but who knows.

It’s always a good idea to know about this type of information. Forewarned is forearmed, and after all, knowledge – is power.

Here’s an idea, check this out – below:

Infographic Design By: AlwaysVPN

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