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Self-Care Gadgets to Get You Through Winter

As fall begins to take hold, the weather will soon drop, the days will grow shorter, and you may find yourself feeling a bit restless. Less light and cold temperatures make it harder to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. If you work from home, then you may find yourself stuck inside for days at a stretch. If you struggle with seasonal affective disorder, you may be dreading the upcoming season even more. But fear not, these self-care gadgets can bring a smile to your face and help you get through the colder months feeling a bit brighter.

A Personal Massage Tool

Self-massages can be just as relaxing as ones given by a professional. Invest in a tool that allows you to work tension out of your neck and shoulders with ease. You’ll be able to pick it up anytime, anywhere and instantly feel more relaxed. Massaging along with a stretching routine can help you start and end your day on a highly relaxed note. You can also easily bring the tool anywhere to sneak in some much-needed R&R when things get hectic during the holidays.

White Noise Machine

Do you listen to ASMR to help you fall asleep? If you’re tired of drifting off on your phone, you may love a white noise machine. These devices are dedicated to producing ambient sounds that help you relax or fall asleep more easily. They’re also useful for daytime hours when you need to lower your stress levels at work or take a meditative break.

A Portable Vaporizer

Portable vaporizers are perfect for travelling during the holidays. Vaping helps many people feel calmer and less stressed, and you may even be using it as a transition to quit smoking. Whatever the case, consider buying a portable device that’s sleek and easy to use. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, you can always browse collections, which you can then purchase online. Portable vaporizers offer a variety of features available to suit your individual preferences as well. Make sure that you practice vaping safety and only use high-quality products from brands you trust.

Weighted Heated Blanket

The Science Behind Weighted Blankets and How to Choose One to Finally Get Some Sleep

Stay extra cozy and feel secure with a weighted blanket with heated technology. Bundling up with a heavy blanket is a good way to save money on your energy bill this winter, too. Heated blankets are a source of comfort in their own right, but the added weight offers a comforting pressure that can soothe tension and ease anxiety. 

If you use one of these blankets, make sure you choose one that’s the appropriate weight for your body. For adults between 100 to 160 pounds, a 10-pound blanket is a safe choice. Heated blankets should also come with a self-timer that shuts off after a certain period, which gives you peace of mind during those long winter naps. If you enjoy movie nights or have a game room, a weighted heated blanket can be a great element to the overall design for the ultimate game room so you can stay comfy and cozy while you chill out. 

Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

The Best Reusable Water Bottles to Ditch Single-Use Plastics

Hydration is an important part of emotional wellness. A self-cleaning bottle that uses UV lights to remove impurities will give you fresh, pure water throughout the day and can easily be taken on the go. Many self-cleaning bottles also feature downloadable apps that can pair with your smartphone to keep track of how much water you’ve consumed. Even if the one you choose doesn’t have its own software, you can download an app that sends you helpful reminders to rehydrate.

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