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Ways To Improve Your Health and Mindset So You Can Concentrate Better at Work

It probably happens often, you are sitting at your desk staring blankly at a computer screen or perhaps day dreaming when you should be continuing with your presentation speech. This can then impact your ability to be proactive and get through your work assignments in a timely manner. So finding ways to improve your concentration levels will certainly be a bonus so that you can fully concentrate on the next work task given to you by your boss. 

Take Regular Breaks 

Staring at your computer screen for long periods of time is not a particularly conducive way to maintain focus. Every hour at least, take a few minutes break away from the screen so you can give your eyes a rest. Even if it is just to stand up from your desk chair to stretch your legs. A short break away from your current task could help you to get back into your creative mindset, as your mind is likely to do better in shorter tasks where you really need to concentrate as opposed to hours on end. 

Try Out a New Group Sports Activity 

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Your workplace might have certain fitness programmes in place that will enable you to try out activities that perhaps you would not have thought of. There could be the option to become a cycling instructor for example or participate in a group excursion. So why not be a bit more adventurous fitness wise and try out a new sporting activity. It will be beneficial to your own health so is certainly an incentive to at least try. 

Increase Your Step Count  

Any opportunity you can get to walk is certainly a positive when it relates to your health and wellbeing as it gets your heart pumping and limbs moving. So if for example you usually take the elevator or park really close to the entrance of your building, try to gradually increase your steps each day by walking up the stairs and parking further away. Over time you will notice how you are walking more and will then be able to increase your step count even more. 

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

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Sleep is most certainly your friend when it relates to your ability to concentrate and effectively get through your working day. It is not necessarily the amount of sleep you get that will improve your concentration levels but the quality. So try to implement a relaxing bedtime routine to help you drift off in the evenings so that you are fresh for work the next morning.

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