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How Tech Keeps You Safe

There’s lots of talk these days about the dangers of technology. But, unfortunately, whether it’s online safety for kids or fears around a robot uprising, it seems that technology is often a thing to be scared of. 

But in truth, there are plenty of ways that tech can keep you safe. Like never before, we have types of protections completely unavailable to us outside of technology. 

Reminding yourself of these safety measures can help you remember that tech is here to help, not hinder. 

Remote home safety

Creating The Ultimate Smart Home

With the invention of tools like ring doorbells and online security systems, your home is more secure than ever. So if you are ever worried about if you remembered to lock the front door or not, there’s no need for stress. Now you can check if they are locked from your phone. And even better: you can then immediately lock the doors, all from your phone. 

With tech like ring doorbells, you can keep yourself safe from scams. On a more positive note, you can ensure your packages arrive safely, even when you’re not home. 

If an intruder does make it into your home, tech can alert you immediately, no matter where you are. This allows you to react swiftly, taking whatever measures you decide will best protect you and your family. 

Online banking safety

Online banking isn’t new on the scene, but measures to keep it as safe as possible are. For example, you can sync your online banking to a specific device or devices, so it must be accessed from this one place. That can help you protect against people trying to break into your account. 

On top of this, you can apply many levels of security to this device or devices, from fingerprinting to facial recognition technology. This way, even if your device is stolen, your online banking won’t be cracked into. 

Data encryption

How Law Enforcement Gets Around Your Smartphone’s Encryption

One of the great fears around tech these days is the safety of your data. For this reason, data encryption is the best way forward for keeping yourself safe. There are several options for you–whether you prefer hardware or software-based encryption.  These encryptions should make your files unreadable to anyone but the authorized person. 

If you want more safety, turning to password tech can help. While passwords have served us well for many years, now we can see that they are often fallible. Instead, facial recognition or fingerprint recognition software is safer and more protective. These ensure that you are the only person with access. These have become more common types of security with new phone upgrades, but they can be applied to all sorts of devices. 
Tech may be a scary concept for some people, but the truth is that it can keep you safe. It may not be able to perform MyCPR NOW, but who knows? Maybe in the future, it will be able to.

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