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Top 6 Apps for Writing Your Assignments

The most memorable thing that first comes to mind when you try to describe the university life is studying. That’s true, even with a lot of other activities like going out with friends and traveling around, falling in love or getting your first job, studying is always first. Doesn’t matter how low is your part-time job salary, you’re always more disappointed because of the countless nights spent writing essays and getting ready for tests.

And, one cannot but fully agree that it’s impossible to go through college or university without any outside help. That’s just how hard studying is. And whatever were the ways you got through it – copying, cheating, using online assignment help or getting a tutor – now it’s a lot easier to do so without breaking any rules. If you need quick hands on writing help be sure to check out sites like

We’re presenting you 6 best apps to make assignment writing a lot easier and quicker.

Best apps to help you make your assignment quicker


One of the essential apps for every student is Evernote, something that can save so much time on your hands. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to say that your assignment was eaten by the dog you own. It’s still for the best when you realize your computer broke down or your USB flash drive doesn’t work anymore.

Now you don’t even have to send all the assignments to your own email address because this app can be downloaded on both Apple and Android and more other devices. It synchronizes all the materials you upload and this way you can access any of your files from any device that has Evernote downloaded. It’s also useful for sharing important information between the users.


Something we’ve been using since childhood is now quickly converted into an app, and it became a lot more convenient and easy. For sure, all the words we looked up made it a lot more exciting in school, and now we simply have to see if we do not forget the right definitions. Yet, it will be just as useful now when you’re writing your assignment and need to use some complicated words for every sentence.

You can check your words and see examples of how to use them on the go. Moreover, it’s accessible on Android, Apple, and Windows, making it perfect for college students.

Dragon Dictation

Are you tired of typing when you need your coursework done very quickly? Do you want to get your work typed by someone else and feel like you’re a top-notch writer? Then Dragon Dictation is just for you. This application can literally listen to you talk and type all the information down while you’re simply having snacks or reading.

It’s very precise with wordings and easy to edit afterward. Speed is on the top, too, and it’s even faster than a person typing, so you’re saving quite a lot of time by using this application. You can download it on any device you want for free.

Sleep If You Can

Sleep If You Can is one of the apps that help you a lot on the night when you want to pull an all-nighter and decided to take a nap. Of course, sometimes you won’t even wake up because you simply hit snooze until your alarm doesn’t work anymore. Then you realize that it’s morning already and not you have to attend classes… with an unfinished assignment, which will fail your grade.

With this application, you will definitely wake up because it won’t turn off until you complete a certain mission. Missions are always random and can require you to jump several times or take a photo of something in your room. You will wake up and become a bit more energized, for sure. This app can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices.

Cite This For Me (RefMe)

In case you’ve ever had a problem with getting references and citations done, you don’t have to worry about it so much anymore as long as you have this amazing service on your mobile device. The most you have to do is just to take the book you’re using and scan the barcode on the back. The app will create an instant reference for you.

While it can be used on any platform including iOS and Android, it also has a huge list of citation and reference styles, so it’s impossible not to find the one you need in their library. Moreover, you can create a custom library for yourself to find everything you use frequently.


Perfect for brainstorming, XMind will help you organize your ideas and create roadmaps for your assignments, which will make it a lot easier in the process. It’s not free, having you pay almost $10 for 6 months, and you can only download it for iOS, but it’s still an amazing app for Apple users. Use several methods of capturing your ideas and do your best with simple or complicated charts.


With those applications, the average student’s life will definitely get rid of unnecessary complications. You’ll have your way with everything – typing your essays fast and saving or sharing files with your friends. And, keep in mind, if you need to take a quick nap, you’ll surely wake up in time with the best alarm for your smartphone we could find. Good luck!

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