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7 Advantages of Using VPN

Virtual private network is a service that means a lot to people who care about their online privacy. It is popular among business travelers, gamers, and torrents downloader. It helps to hide your identity and let you surf the web in a peace of mind. The following are the 7 advantages of using VPN.

1. Encrypt Your Data

Should I Use A VPN? The Pros & Cons

Virtual private network (VPN) will encrypt all your data and hide your real IP address.  Hackers will not be able to immediately steal your information because they cannot see your real IP address. Government and ISP will not be able to track your web activities. Using VPN will protect you from being the target of spy agencies. In some countries, the ISP is allowed to sell the data of the customers to the advertiser.

2. Hide Your IP Address

Why Your Small Business Should Be Using a VPN

With VPN, your IP address won’t be found out by someone who is looking to ban visitors from your country. This means you can continue to surf the site you want to go without interruption. The VPN will replace your real IP address with another IP address from a server in a different geographical area. It is the reason why many gamers like to use VPN when they are playing games online. You will be able to avoid IP bans and DDoS attack when you are using a VPN to play games.

3. Protect You from Cyber Attack

The Alternatives to VPNs for Amazing Cyber Security

VPN can protect you from getting cyber-attack. VPN will encrypt your connection so that the attacker cannot read any information. This is especially important when you are surfing the web in a local WiFi hotspot. By using VPN, you don’t have to be afraid of people stealing your personal information such as credit card number, and files. VPN is often open to malware and virus attack so you should never take the risk to use a free VPN. It will be much safer to use a reputable VPN that has antivirus program installed on the server.

4. Help You Bypass Firewall

VPN Can Change Your Perspective of Browsing

VPN can help you to bypass firewalls and continue the accessing the webpages you want to view. Many site owner like to implement firewall to block certain IP addresses from accessing the website. If the IP address on the ban list match with your IP address, the page will not load when you visit it. However, VPN will give you a new IP address that is not on the ban list so that you can continue to access the website.

5. Enables You to Use Torrent Safely

An Introduction to Usenet

VPN can protect you from being discovered by your ISP and governments for downloading torrents. If you download a file on the torrent, the rest of the people that are downloading the same file will be able to see your IP address. The IP address can reveal a lot about you such as zip code, and city. If downloading torrent is banned in your country, they can report you to the authorities if they find out you are doing it. VPN can protect you from all these unnecessary hassles.

6. Prevent Bandwidth Throttling

What Factors Affect a VPN’s Speed

VPN can protect you from bandwidth throttling. Many ISP limit the bandwidth usage of their customers to increase their profits. Sometimes, they do this to improve their service. They may also do this to urge the customers to buy a higher subscription plan. If you use a VPN service, the ISP cannot monitor your activities. It will prevent them from taking any action on you when you exceed bandwidth usage.

7. Save Money on Flight Tickets

3 Types of People Who Need a VPN

VPN can help you to save money on flight tickets. Fight ticket booking search engine check your browsing history and location when showing the price of the tickets. VPN can give you a new IP address and completely wipe out your browsing history. If you are a new visitor, you will get cheaper rate for the flight tickets.

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