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Recover Lost Data (Even When Your Device Stops Working) With ‘EaseUS Free’ Data Recovery Software

Computers are definitely a great solution for simplifying our lives in many senses starting for the fact that we can file tons of information, documents, paperwork, etc in a single small device. But sometimes, as technology is created by imperfect humans, it also fails and we can lose all our data in a matter of seconds without even know why.

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If you work with computers, you surely have to be through this awful situation and maybe you’ve never been able to recover that data. Well, this has changed these days since there’s an excellent – and FREE – data recovery software that guarantees you’ll never again lose your information. We’re talking about EaseUS free data recovery software, keep reading to learn more.

What is EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard?

EaseUs is free data recovery software that allows regular users to actually recover any lost data from their devices without the need of hiring a technical support. This is especially useful when you need to recover the information really quick and don’t have time for an appointment or the next day (in case the data is lost in the middle of the night, for example). Also, it will work in any case so you can solve the problem as many times as it happens to you for FREE.

Of course, you can upgrade to pro versions for a small price, but the free version is great for dealing with typical information loss problems.

How does EaseUS work?

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EaseUs works in 3 simple steps that can be performed without the need for great knowledge:

    • Select the source of the data you’ve lost to be able to find the data even when you can’t do it regularly, in the first screen where you have to select the source, any hard drive, partition (even if lost) or external device will be displayed for your selection.

    • Once you’ve selected the source, it’s now time for scanning the files; you can do a quick scan or a deep scan and it will depict all the deleted or lost files so you can recover them.

    • EaseUs free data recovery software allows you to preview each file before recovering it so you actually DO know what it is that you’re recovering. After you select the specific file, all you have to do is click on “recover” and the process will start.

NOTE: remember to save the file to a different hard drive than where you lost the data; you may connect an external device for this purpose.

What devices are compatible with EaseUs recovery software?

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An excellent feature of this software is that even though it is free and really easy to use, it allows you to scan any kind of device, including the following:

  • PC/Laptop
  • Microcard, memory card, CF/SD card.
  • External disk
  • USB
  • Camcorder
  • Digital Camera
  • Mobile Device
  • USB drive
  • iPod
  • And a lot more

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The best part is that you can recover data despising the reason it was lost such as virus attacks, accidental deleting, format, Hard Drive failure, system crash and even if the device is damaged and can’t be accessed, all you have to do is connect the hard drive or memory to a functional computer and you’ll recover everything with EaseUS free data recovery software.

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