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EaseUS Data Recovery Software 12.0 Review

Imagine you’ve been working for a fortnight to hand in a 160 pages thesis and suddenly your laptop has a windows failure. All your blood and sweat go down the drain. As tiresome as that could be, it’s also pretty heartbreaking and when you go to your nearest computer repair service, he hands you a bill of more than what the laptop is worth itself. It’s also difficult to get out of these situations as this excuse looks unconvincing too. You search hopelessly for solutions online for hours until…

About EaseUS

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, founded in 2004 has been of immense help to customers all over the world providing its service to the fullest. In a world where data recovery service was expensive and not guaranteed, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has been the savior. It is important to note that it also has a free version for basic data recovery too; this means that it can be easily used by customers.  This is the main reason for its success as before its arrival people found it difficult and expensive to recover data but EaseUS has been phenomenal in that criterion.

One of the many features of EaseUS is that it retrieves data and files unaltered or compromised by any means and are in their original form. Its service is so reliable that many people use it to hide some folders instead of using the windows setting to hide it. And this is just the free version; the features increase as you upgrade the service to “Pro” or “Pro+WinPE” and the uses are limitless as the only limit is your own imagination.

What Kind of Data Can It Recover From Your HDD?

The software is ingenious as well as very popular since it can even track data lost a year ago. It’s available for Mac as well as Windows and even scans complete hard drives for the missing files or the deleted/corrupted partition of the file. Its recovery is not just limited to files but also tracks audio, documents, video and graphics. Its features aren’t limited to hard drives but also deals with external and internal hard drives, iOS devices, music player, memory cards, USB device, and more.

Even though the software is pretty easy to operate, its paid version also includes a helpful and courteous customer service which can guide computer novices with their problems and queries. It is very rare that such professional software comes with a complete package but EaseUS has become used to of surprising people.

The data recovery software is astounding, offering rich attributes. It will be able to track and recover data from various optical devices and servers. It is a comprehensive solution that is perfect for IT professionals, as well as other common uses. Sharing personal opinion would be that new customers shouldn’t shy away from using the software as it requires not just short amount of time but also short amount of energy.

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