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The Technology To Look out For That Will Transform Online Gambling

Millions of us around the world have an online casino app downloaded to our device these days. We find them perfect for a quick game on the way to work, or even an evening session sitting in front of the television.

What’s great about them is that they’re forever changing, yet still offer the old classics too. Take 777 casino, not only will you find classic games such as blackjack and roulette in their purest form, but also brand new variations of games that have adopted the latest and greatest technology.

The adoption of technology has always been one of the keys to online and mobile gambling’s success, and what the industry has taken up has often also flowed into other industries, from payment methods to styles of gaming and channels of communication.

But what’s next in terms of technology within the space, and how is it going to take our online gambling play to new levels?

Virtual Reality

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It really does make sense that virtual reality gambling is the next big thing. VR has been getting bigger and bigger over the last few years and if there’s one type of gaming it would perfectly suit, it’s online casino. Games such as poker, roulette and blackjack would be ideal to play wearing a headset, transporting players into Las Vegas casinos or into the pressure of a World Series of Poker Final.

Casino games online have often pushed the boundaries to make them more immersive than ever, and this is undoubtedly the next step in doing that.


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Cryptocurrency is in a funny position at the moment. Aside from those that know the industry inside out, nobody else really knows what the state of play is when it comes to it. Many experts are still saying the environment needs to be made safer, and that is certainly true if it is going to become as commonplace as the likes of PayPal when it comes to making a payment.

A number of casino sites and online bookmakers are already accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method, and once the payment method becomes more commonplace, it will likely be adopted by many more online gambling sites, before filtering into the mainstream and other industries.

More Gaming Fusions

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What has been exciting to see over the last few years are the mash-ups between classic games and the integration of the likes of bingo into the online casino space. That will further continue as brands look to diversify their gaming portfolio and we can expect plenty of new and exciting fusions – much better than Indo-Chinese in our opinion.

That could come through more games amalgamating the likes of roulette and bingo, while we could also see slots integrated into video games more, like many licensed slots have done in some capacity over the last couple of years.

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Developers are always looking to take their games to the next level, and this will certainly be one of the ways they do so in the coming years.

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