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Top Ways To Make The Internet Work For You

Young people can benefit immensely from the internet and technology. If you are someone who is still discovering the benefits of data, technology, and the internet, this article is just for you. 

Online entertainment

Top 5 Old School Games That You Still Can Play Now

Today, you can entertain yourself in multiple ways. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, people can refresh their minds, body, and spirit in several ways. For instance, if you have a strong and stable internet, you can enjoy various online games on

Young people can also try out various electronic games on their computers and devices. You can buy these games from Sony and Microsoft and entertain yourself all day long. Some top electronic games to be played on Sony PlayStation are:

  1. Dark Souls 3
  2. Wolfenstein
  3. Death Stranding
  4. Final Fantasy, etc. 

Did you know that you can download tons of award-winning games, movies, tv shows and music artists from the internet? Yes, you can take help from well-established and reputed platforms like The Pirate Bay to help you satisfy your dose of daily entertainment from the internet. 

Read up about all the best PS4 games here. 


The Increase in Popularity of eSports

The online entertainment industry is not just about online gambling and gaming. You can become an e-sports star by taking part in tournaments, such as e-NBA, digital National Hockey League, etc. The world-famous PUBG game is always looking out for online sports enthusiasts who can give this game a leg-up. 

Be an online music star

How to Start a Music Channel on YouTube

Technology can also make you an online music star. Thanks to YouTube and TikTok, you can quickly launch your music video and become a sensation overnight. 

Both these platforms, though similar, have different value propositions. YouTube is for longer videos, typically 5 minutes or longer. TikTok, on the other hand, is for 10-15 second videos and is targeted toward younger audiences. You can create several kinds of content on these platforms. 

Live stream your music video on YouTube by clicking this link. You can also go live on TikTok by following these steps. 

Alternatives to TikTok and YouTube

How To Achieve Instagram Success?

You can host your music video on other platforms as well. The top alternatives to TikTok and YouTube are:

  1. Dubsmash
  2. Clash
  3. Triller
  4. Funimate
  5. Byte
  6. Vigo Video
  7. Cheez
  8. Kwai
  9. Lomotif
  10. Likee, etc. 

However, it’s better to focus on just one or two platforms and not spread yourself thin. 

Start an online magazine

Advice For Entrepreneurs Looking To Launch An Online Magazine

You can also become an online magazine editor or owner. Launching an e-zine is easy; you just have to buy a domain from hosting websites.

Your online magazine could be on fashion, Hollywood, cooking recipes, gossips, politics, etc. To be successful in this field, you should be consistent and always deliver quality content. 

Become an Instagram influencer

This platform is a hot property for fashion and beauty enthusiasts. If you want to impress the world with your beauty and wellness secrets, Instagram is just for you. You can post photos, reels and simply go live on this platform. You can even sell merchandise through your Instagram content. 

There are other simple, yet creative ways of using the internet. For instance, you can launch your podcast, write a blog or publish a book using the internet. Amazon’s Kindle is helping millions of writers publish their books easily and quickly.

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