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Top 5 Old School Games That You Still Can Play Now

There are many great games which are as good these days as the day when they were first released. Perhaps you might not have heard of them, but they used to play an essential part in the daily life of most gamers. After all, when a title has been out for a long time, people usually stop mentioning about it. However, they are always out there and patiently wait for someone to pick up and enjoy. Here are top old school games that you can still play now and turn back to the good old days of PC games.

1. Commandos

As the name suggests, this game is mainly based on the tactical commands of commandos. The title is set during the World War 2, giving the gamer control of four elite soldiers. The mission is to execute different maneuvers and actions to achieve the objectives of each level while avoiding annihilation or detection from the enemy. The commandos are quite individual and have different specialties as well as skillsets.

Most missions involve combining the capabilities of the group at your disposal to create and execute a good plan which might achieve the ultimate objectives. This game is relatively unforgiving of sloppiness in execution or planning, which is a great addition to your sense of achievement after finishing a mission.

2. Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros is undoubtedly one of the most popular titles in the computer game industry. First introduced in 1981, this easy-to-play game quickly gained popularity and evolved into a favorite option of many people all over the world. In this game, you will play a plumber named Mario to free the mushroom kingdom and save the Princess Toadstool.

After 3 years since the first release, the game developer introduced the second character named Luigi – the brother of Maria. The Super Mario Bros came out 2 years later, which formed the current concept of the title. Previously, all games in the Mario series were mainly released for specific prefixes, especially Nintendo. Now you can play Mario games online on the computer and other devices.

3. Homeworld

Homeworld is one of the most popular space strategy games a decade ago. It isn’t a title that is set in the space like StarCraft, but a game that truly happens in space with all 3 glorious dimensions.

The gamer has to control the space fleets, collect necessary resources and fight amazing battles in 3D displays, commanding and maneuvering in all 3 axes. Just like other strategy games, this title works on a serious of different counters. Ship “Y” counters ship “X” and so on. The plot and gameplay are really engaging as it demands lots of awareness as well as attention to the positions of different vessels, capabilities, current orders, and so on.

4. Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango is a click adventure and excellent point that is remastered to work and look greater on most modern hardware.

Through a few hours of this game, you will follow the adventure of a traveling salesman named Manuel Calavera to the dead. The title is set in a slack presentation of the underworld in Aztec mythology, making for an immensely enjoyable, quirky, and unusual aesthetic. The great voice acting makes the game more immersive, promoting the characters and setting better than any visual effects. For an old-school game, the majority of the dialogue in Grim Fandango is unusually spoken. Thus, it can be a perfect option if you are not patient for reading a long line of text.

5. Diablo 2

Based on the great mythos in Diablo, this title follows a hero who battles through the Sanctuary world to prevent terrible and dark powers. The title gives off a tainted and macabre vibe, which might be credited to its outstanding and unique ambient music.

Though the story is really good, there are only a few of these actually happens during the gameplay. Instead, the story is mainly told through the cinematics between different acts.

If you revisit or pick up Diabolo 2, keep in mind to read up the lore as it might considerably promote your experience of the gaming world. As a result, you might not leave the desktop until the mission is completed.

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