Final Fantasy: The World’s Biggest RPG Series

Gamers and nongamers alike will generally have heard of Final Fantasy. Whether they are invested in the brand or completely oblivious to it, its name has become commonly recognized due to its profound success and longevity. The brand name is now linked to a whole array of games and spin-off merchandise, but the original dates back to 1987, when it was released by Nintendo in the USA and Japan.

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Essentially, a small company named Squaresoft launched what could in all rights be considered a Dragon Quest rip-off. Its creator (Hironobu Sakaguchi) expected for it to be the last game he ever made, hence the name “Final Fantasy.” However, people took kindly to the fictional world filled with dwarves and elves, and the brand began to expand, producing games to the present day. That’s over three decades of success. So, if you’re planning on joining the ranks of Final Fantasy fans, here’s everything you need to know when first engaging with the game.

The Original Game

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The original Final Fantasy stuck to the general mold of the RPG (role-playing game) genre. The market wasn’t saturated, so this was a wise move to make. However, as the initial game was released during the same week as SEGA’s Phantasy Star and two months prior to Dragon Quest III (a well-established RPG brand), there was plenty of competition to overcome. Akitoshi Kawazu was taken on for his skill and art style. The game was a success, and it wasn’t too long until a valuable working relationship with Nintendo took the game to an international level.


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It was in the development of Final Fantasy II that Akitoshi Kawazu would begin experimenting more liberally with aspects of the original Final Fantasy’s gameplay. He exemplified true rebellion when it came to RPG mechanics. He added depth to gameplay by making leveling up more difficult, with characters having to take hits and failure in order to increase their experience. This is essentially a more realistic approach to gameplay. After all, in real life we most often learn through our failures or mistakes.

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Levelling up also became more realistically specific. Rather than growing in strength in general as gameplay progresses, characters would have to engage in certain activities to increase their proficiency in said activity alone. For example, using swords increased a player’s sword proficiency alone, whereas if one wanted to improve a character’s archery, use of bow and arrows would have to increase.

Final Fantasy XV

The most current version of Final Fantasy is Final Fantasy XV. This game introduces a new empire that is accessible on smartphones and can be easily downloaded. New players are offered the chance to receive exclusive in-game items by registering for an app download link. These include crystal bracers, Chocobo helmets, Masamune swords, Cactuar greaves and Mythril armor alongside other goodies, so it’s not surprising that new players are being tempted to try the game out.


The typically brooding hero of this version of the game is Noctis Lucis Caelum, heir to the Lucien throne. His royal training starts him out as balanced in all forms of combat and it’s up to you to guide him through all sorts of ground shaking levels of combat. It is your job to take over a world overrun with chaos and mayhem. This is the largest open-world MMO in the series so you can spend all the time you please exploring this seemingly endless world while hunting for treasure, defeating enemies and engaging with other players from the world over.

Amiable Features of the Brand

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Many brands founded in the eighties and nineties have had to fall back on nostalgia to guarantee success. All you have to do is take a quick look at the profound, but short-lived, the success of Pokemon Go to see how many brands profit by bringing nostalgic games and characters to modern day technology such as the smartphone. Final Fantasy, on the other hand, doesn’t rely on this. Every single new game that has come out has pressed forward, constantly improving the game’s stories, content, graphics, and gameplay, consequently gaining success in its own right.

So, if this catches your fancy, perhaps it’s time to step into the world of Final Fantasy. This could perhaps your next, new, favorite form of gameplay. Looking at the brand’s track record, you can expect to see brilliant versions in the pipeline ahead too! So say goodbye to boredom and start playing as soon as possible. What’s more? You’ll have a whole host of new potential characters to play at the next Comicon you intend to attend.

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