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Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive

A lot has been said about virtual reality and the technology surrounding it since VR headsets started to hit the high street. Although virtual reality had been spoken about for many years prior to its arrival, plenty of people were eager to get their hands on the latest bit of kit in order to see just how good virtual reality was and what it could bring to the table.

Creative Gaming Technology That Gave Birth To VR

You’d say the VR era began last year, 2016 and since then it has continued to evolve, but the question of whether virtual reality is the future of gaming still needs to be answered.

DIY: How To Make Your Own Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset

Two of the most impressive virtual reality headsets and probably the two that really stand out are the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. Both were released back in 2016 and since hitting the shops they have both continued to be tweaked in order to provide a better VR experience to their users.

The Approaching War of VR Headsets

The question is, which virtual reality headset is better and why? A key point to remember before reading on is that if price matters, the Oculus Rift is somewhat cheaper than the HTC Vive right now.

Virtual Reality – The Future is Now

The first thing to consider is the design. To be fair, no VR headset will be looked at and described as fashionable. The Rift looks a hell of a lot sleeker in its look, with a lot less going on compared to the Vive. The Rift also has built in audio but with the Vive you need to bring your own headphones to the party. The Rift definitely has the edge here in terms of both looks and being more user ready.

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When it comes down to what’s on offer for the customers feature and spec wise, you’ll find both the Rift and the Vive tough to separate. They differ in the fact that the Vive uses laser positioning sensor technology and doesn’t use a magnetometer whereas the Rift does. Both have an accelerometer and gyroscope on board. You will find when playing you will need more room if you’re using a HTC Vive. The Rift tends to have more seated content available, therefore requiring less playing space.

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A drawback of the VR technology currently around is that you do need a high spec PC in order to use it. This adds to the total costs incurred if you don’t already own one. The lack of a high end machine will mean many simply can’t play, especially if they are looking into purchasing a HTC Vive. The Rift has lowered the demands needed PC wise recently which has opened the door for them to attract more customers.

Virtual Reality: The Future of Gaming

One of the key considerations to remember is surrounding the content available for the VR device you’re interested in. You’d look at this battle as maybe a deciding factor and the Rift has far more content in its library than the Vive. The Oculus library has games from top developers and while the HTC Vive also has some good selections, a lot of their games just aren’t in the same league.

These Leading Brands are Revolutionizing E-Commerce With VR

Virtual reality technology will keep on evolving as it already has done since 2016. There are rumours that VR will be incorporated into other areas such as online shopping and even online casinos. Currently VR has not taken off in the gambling niche with only a handful of VR casinos available to play, however bigger casino names are starting to open their eyes to the potential of VR. The in-house slot team at a casino near you could soon be developing and releasing proprietary VR slots to their website and its then only a matter of time before others follow suit. Eventually, it maybe the norm for players to be wearing an Oculus Rift or a HTC Vive and playing their favorite slot or casino game in a truly spectacular virtual reality experience.

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Both the Rift and the Vive are the leaders in the virtual reality world right now. You’d probably say that the Rift does have the edge due to being lower in price and also offering its users a hell of a lot more content to choose from. There are arguments for both though and both manufacturers will be continuing to make improvements as time goes on.

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