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Picture This: Virtual Reality 360 3D Benefits For Small Businesses

Tell small business owners about the exciting opportunities made possible by a virtual reality 360 3D camera and many will smile longingly, a far-away look in their eyes. I can’t wait to experience a lifelike reality in which it’s easy to turn a profit, they might think. Or one where customers contact my business just to say thanks.

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Never stop dreaming, small business owners. However, the truly exciting opportunities made available to small businesses have little to do with utopian dream worlds and much to do with improved marketing, increased customer interest and better employee preparation. Which, hmm, actually does sound like a utopian dream world for a small business owner. Carry on then.

In living color

Virtual Reality – The Future is Now

A VR 360 3D camera is one designed to truly capture and share the human experience, combining virtual reality technology with 360-degree and three-dimensional filming capability and high definition video and audio. Look around the room you’re in right now and take in the way everything looks and sounds. That’s essentially what you would see. And while VR 360 3D cameras are obviously leading pieces of videography equipment, they’re designed to be as easy to use as any other camera, giving anyone access to this incredible technology – including small business owners.

VR 360 3D opportunity #1: marketing that doesn’t make your audience smash the X button

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When you mine down to the core of marketing, its main purpose is to create connections between a business and its audience. The visuals and stories created by a VR 360 3D camera do this effortlessly by creating an immersive experience that draws the viewer into the world created by the business.

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Instead of assaulting potential customers with staccato facts about price points and features, these types of videos create shared experiences and shared emotions, a bond between viewer and brand that can either begin to form a relationship or deepen one that already exists, making purchasing decisions a natural part of the back and forth of that relationship.

VR 360 3D opportunity #2: product demonstrations or walk-throughs where no one touches anything

Virtual Reality – The Future is Now

Whether you’re showing off a new treatment room at a spa, demonstrating a piece of new equipment at a gym, having the spring line in a clothing store modeled, unboxing the newest smartphone that will be available at your store or showing off anything else you can think of that your business wants to promote, a VR 360 3D camera provides an easy opportunity for giving potential customers the most up-close and personal look at anything without them actually being, you know, up close and personal.

Not only do these 360 videos provide an audience with an amazing and interactive look at products, places or anything else, but these demonstrations or walk-throughs immediately gives the viewer the perspective of being in that treatment room or using that product, making these additions seem like a natural and necessary part of the viewer’s life. For example, Destination British Columbia released a VR tour of the Great Bear Rain Forest and saw a five percent increase in visitors.

VR 360 3D opportunity #3: optimal employee training

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Top-notch employee training is essential for reasons that range from safety to compliance to logistics to increased sales, but so often said training ends up being rushed or incomplete. Additionally, no matter how thorough some training is, it can just be difficult for a new employee to learn everything they need to in a short training window.

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Having a VR 360 3D camera all but eliminates these issues. By filming real-life training scenarios an organization standardizes training for all incoming employees, makes it easy for employees to go over each scenario as much as they need to without requiring the help of a more senior employee, and provides a memorable training experience that instills familiarity with the places, products, devices, processes and people the new employee will be working with. Perhaps most importantly, this type of interactive training and active learning may help employees retain information better than more traditional training methods.

VR 360 3D opportunity #4: demonstrating a commitment to cool stuff

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Perhaps this doesn’t rank up there with the importance of providing a safe work space through interactive training, or increasing the efficiency of marketing spend, but there’s no use pretending 1) that virtual reality, especially 360 3D virtual reality, is not an extremely cool technology or 2) that people don’t love it when a business is into cool stuff.

When used for public-facing purposes like marketing or product demonstrations, virtual reality gives a business an ‘it’-factor, and compels people to keep an eye on a brand to see what they get up to next. When your business has a VR 360 3D camera on hand, every new product or upgrade or even just an update from the office can become an opportunity to generate buzz. 360 videos make people want to tune in, and then impress them every time they do. This technology is a shortcut for a small business that wants to become a brand to watch.

Making that dream world a virtual reality

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Often when it comes to leading technologies and amazing opportunities, small business owners are stuck on the sidelines, watching enterprises and other big-money businesses have all the fun – and reap all the rewards.

A VR 360 3D camera is the rare solution that easily and affordably allows small business owners to get in on the action, engaging customers at a high level and equipping employees with everything they need to succeed. Even better than sitting back to lose yourself in a virtual reality experience where suppliers are never, ever late.

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