Real-Life Mario: Make Gaming Your Life & Your Career

Gaming was once considered to be a something that nerds did with their weekends because they would rather pretend they were orcs in Skyrim than humans breathing air in real-life. These days, though, gaming is a billion dollar industry, the future of entertainment and one of the biggest employers in any industry, especially with The Big Three all trying to take the market with the next breakthrough.

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Basically, video games are in, and you could be in them too. Probably not literally, unless you become an NBA ball player and get put in there next game, but you could definitely carve out a career going down this route.

So, without further ado, here are our top tips on how you can kickstart your gaming career and, who knows, maybe launch your own company one day.

Communicate Your Passion

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The internet is basically a huge rabbit hole of free information, which is why you should use it to find out which gaming companies are near you and which gaming companies are hiring. Once you have their names, start communicating with them via Twitter and Facebook. Tell them what you loved and disliked, prove your passion and show you’re interested. You never know where it could lead.

Get Yo’Self Qualified

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If you are serious about this whole gaming career thing, then do yourself a favor and get yourself some qualifications. Just make sure they are applicable to what you want to do. If you want to oversee a game’s development, then get an online diploma of project management.

Get Your Foot In The Door Of The Gaming Industry

If you fancy being a character writer, then go and get a creative writing degree. Fancy the who graphic design thing, then start becoming a modelling artist. The options are endless so pick what you want to do.

No Point Waiting

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Yes, the internet is saturated with job sites, but that doesn’t mean you should wait for something to pop up. Instead, just start sending out your resume and asking if they have any jobs going at the moment, even if it is just making tea with milk and two. Just make sure you have researched who they are, what they do and who you should be speaking to. Worst scenario? They say no.

You Must Get Modding

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A huge part of gaming these days is “modding”. If you have a real interest in gaming, then you have probably heard of a system called Steam. Well, on that system is an element called Steam Workshop.

Gaming Hard On A Student Budget

This is a little place you can go to fiddle with game codes, create new maps, develop new characters and even design new levels. If you create something cool and then publish it on Steam and loads of people enjoy it, it will stand out. At the very least, add it to your resume. Who knows where it could lead.

Gaming Is Huge

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We’ve already established that gaming is kind of big on the career spectrum, which means you don’t need to be the next big coder or programmer or Java whizz. There are careers to be had in sales, HR, design, writing, business analysts, quality assurance, distribution and advertising. It takes a huge team to make a game. Remember that.

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