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The Best Job In The World? Snag A Career In Gaming

A career in gaming, sounds like a dream come true right? If you’re passionate about video games and enjoy playing them as a hobby, making money this way is just about as good as it gets. While it’s a competitive market, there are ways you can break into this career and make an excellent amount of money while having fun in the process. Here are a few things to consider if you aspire to work in the gaming industry.

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Choose Your Route

Get Your Foot In The Door Of The Gaming Industry

Will you go down the academic route and get a degree in a games based subject such as games design? Most big gaming companies will require you to have a degree, so if you want to get to the top, this is the obvious route. However if this isn’t a possibility it doesn’t mean your career in the gaming industry is doomed, you may get lucky scoring an apprenticeship. With the right attitude, experience, and potential you could get picked up by a smaller games company or even an individual designer. Other ways you could make video games your career is by becoming a streamer or Youtuber, with the right personality you can score a loyal following and earn money through subscriptions, donations or Google Adsense.

Invest In The Right Equipment

Tips To Get Your Gaming Rig Just Right

Regardless of which route you take, you’re going to need a powerful computer to work from. If you’re designing games, a very clear monitor to give you the best attention to detail is essential. Do plenty of research before investing in your machine, with some know how you’ll be able to replace different component as you go to keep everything up to date. If you’re going to be streaming or making videos, a good quality camera and microphone will need to be purchased. Work out what hardware and software you will need to do your job.

Get Experience

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As with anything, practice makes perfect. Get as much experience as you can in the industry, even if it means volunteering. Aim to work on lots of different projects, learn what you can and then use that knowledge to move further in your career. And of course, playing games too is also a good way to learn and experience what’s currently out there. It’s fun, and no one can complain as technically you’re researching for work! You could play your friends and even mess around with some cheat codes like those at I Like Cheats. Keep them guessing how you’re so good at playing!

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As with any career, earning money in the gaming industry can be hard work. But if you’re genuinely interested in and enjoy the process of game design, playing games and sharing your knowledge then this could be an option for you.

Would your dream career be within the gaming industry? If so, what job would you most like to do?

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