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How to Take Your Gaming Hobby to the Next Level

Image Source: If you want to start streaming on Twitch then you might need to upgrade your computer set up.

So many of us enjoy nothing more than kicking back with a really good video game. Disappearing into a fantasy world can help you forget about a hard day at work. Getting stuck into a poker tournament can help you to unwind after a stressful commute, but what if gaming could help you totally avoid work as we know it? What if your gaming hobby could become your side hustle or even your full-time job? For some people, keeping work and play separate is imperative, but if you’re willing to take that leap, you could start to monetize your favorite ‘waste of time’.


If you love the kind of games that aren’t necessarily competitive but are super popular, then starting up a YouTube channel could be your best place to start. Some YouTubers are known for releasing one type of video over and over, for example, walkthroughs. These videos are like a tutorial for new players, explaining what you can expect from the game and some helpful tips that you wish you’d known when you started. If you have a knack for explaining thoroughly, then walkthrough videos might be your niche. 

If you like speeding through games to get to the good bits then consider making highlights videos. This format is really popular with players as they tend to feature only the most exciting snippets of gameplay. If you are more comfortable talking over a video, instead of recording as you go, then highlights videos are a good place to start. You can watch the action unfold and comment over the top. 

Perhaps you love talking about exactly what you’re doing as you’re doing it. You want people to see the ups and downs of your gaming, as you think that’s the fun of it. If that’s your style then, wouldn’t you know it, you’re a streamer. Streamers can do alright on YouTube as a first platform, but once you gather a following it’s time to move over to…


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If your online gaming hobby revolves around gaming for real money, then congratulations, you’ve already got a pretty good head start. The best game to play, for those who are serious about taking their hobby to the next level, is poker. This game requires skill, patience, and determination. If you’re willing to put in the hours of work, then you will start to see better results. 

There are, of course, a few tips that will help you along the way. Looking out for tips from players who are better than you is a good place to start. Asiabet has created a gambling community that allows pro poker players, sports journalists, and veteran casino lovers to all come together in one place. There you’ll find strategy guides and tutorials which could help take your game up to the next level.

As well as learning from the best, there’ll come a time where you have to play with them. To begin with, enlist yourself in low stakes tournaments to really get a feel for what competitive play feels like. Once you’re comfortable with the format and you’ve won a few rounds, start to up the stakes. Building up slowly will help you to keep your confidence and see real results. 


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If you want to take your streaming up a level then Twitch is the site to be on. If you want to do this properly then you’ll need to invest in a powerful computer. It’ll need to run not just your game, but at least a couple of other programs simultaneously. Screen capture software, audio capture if you’re talking over the top, which you really should be, and of course your game. If the thought of it is making your computer’s fan threaten to take off, then it might be time for an upgrade! 

In order to make money using Twitch, you’ll need to capture a large audience. You will only start getting paid once you reach 500 viewers at any one time. Using social media channels (and maybe that YouTube channel you just created) to notify your followers about your Twitch channel is one good way to grow. The other is to follow other streamers, comment regularly, and get noticed that way. 

Once you start to develop a strong following you might start to hear from brands offering sponsorship deals. These can be lucrative, or just a good way to get your hands on some new games. Be careful not to become just one big advert, as your viewers won’t thank you for it. However, do take advantage of these offers, saving money on that game you would have bought anyway is kind of like making money, right?

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