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11 Secrets To Creating Engaging YouTube Content

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Today’s post is going to show you how you can create engaging YouTube content for your business. We’ll focus on everything from the type of content you should create, right down to the editing software you should use.

Strap yourself in and check out how to create awesome YouTube content.

First thing’s first, let’s address the actual content you wish to produce. On YouTube, there is no real restriction on what you can upload, as long as it’s not offensive or sexual. Something tells me that if you’re starting a channel for business purposes, you’re not going to break any laws with your content!

There are three main things you should take into account if you want to create content that really engages your audience. These are; topic, duration, and upload consistency.

Secrets of YouTube – what makes a video go viral


Perhaps your biggest concern will be the topic of your videos. Or, to put it another way; the type of content you product. YouTube content should ultimately be about entertaining the audience or informing them of something. Those are the two main reasons people watch videos on YouTube; to be entertained or to learn something new.

From a business perspective, you should try and combine these two to make videos that are relevant to your field. Film things that educate the viewers on certain topics relating to your industry, while being entertaining at the same time. This is the best way you can enhance engagement and get lots of people tuning in.


The length of the video is also extremely important regarding engagement. Lots of people may click on your video, but are they going to stay until the end? If your video is too long, people will leave it halfway through. If it’s too short, people might dislike it as it was far too brief. So, you need to try and hit that Goldilocks duration time, the one that’s just right.

As it is said, the average YouTube video lasts around four minutes. However, that doesn’t mean that’s the perfect duration for your type of video. Think about it, if you want to provide educational content that informs people, you don’t want it to be too short. Ideally, your videos should be between four and twelve minutes long. That seems to be the engagement sweet spot right there.

My YouTube Advice

Upload Consistency

Finally, you must think about how consistently you upload your videos. Producing one great video every three months isn’t going to keep people engaged. Your upload schedule helps secure loyal viewers that will constantly tune in and watch your vids. Plus, more people will subscribe if they know they’re getting regular content.

Uploading daily will be a real challenge for a business, and there probably isn’t a lot you can talk about every day. So, try and stick with at least one upload a week to keep your channel going and maximize viewing figures.

Some say it doesn’t matter what type of equipment you use to film your videos with as long as the content is entertaining. However, this simply isn’t the case as viewers often respond better to videos where the camera work and video quality is incredible. In fact, one of the reasons many big YouTubers became popular was down to the quality of their videos.

Plus, the equipment you use is essential from a business point of view too. If your company wants to make YouTube videos, then they must be in full HD, captured in the highest quality possible. Why? Because it reflects better on your company as you look more professional, and people appreciate that.

Bearing this in mind, what equipment should you use to film your videos?


Canon EOS 70D Video Creator Kit

The days of bulky video recorders are gone and replaced by small cameras that can shoot video footage. Most popular YouTubers will film their videos on DSLR cameras made by the likes of Canon or Sony. This is because these cameras are easy to use, easy to carry and capture video in extremely high-quality. What’s more, they’re worth far less than a lot of top-end filming equipment, the likes of which you might see in the movie industry.

Alongside your camera, you will need a very important accessory; a tripod. Tripods help stabilize your camera and ensure none of your shots are shaky and look unprofessional. As you can see, there are loads of tripods on the market that are great for DSLR cameras. Compliment your camera with one, and you should be able to capture incredible footage.

Casey Neistat Camera Gear


The mistake so many people make when filming videos is they pay so much attention to the visuals they forget about the audio. High-quality audio is just as important as high-quality video, in fact, it might even be more important to some people. No one wants to watch a video where the sound is crackly and quiet. It ruins the viewing experience, and no one will enjoy what they’re watching.

What’s the Best Microphone for YouTube (on a Tight Budget)?

So, you need to ensure that you pair your filming equipment with some great microphones. The beauty of using a DSLR camera is that you can attach microphones to it that capture high-definition sound. These DSLR camera microphones are the easiest way to improve your sound quality and the most convenient too. You can see here that there are many different mics you can buy that attach to a DSLR camera and provide you with crisper audio. If you’ve got a very important video that needs shooting, then you might want to take things further. Perhaps you should consider using a boom microphone for these important shots? As it’s mentioned here these microphones are very popular in the film and TV industry. They’ll be really beneficial if you have to film a big promotional video for your company or want to film an advert. This type of microphone is ideal for shots where you have one or two people on-screen, and they’re staying within a confined area.


These days, one of the things that set great videos apart from good ones is the use of aerial footage. For years, aerial shots could only be taken out of helicopters. This meant people on YouTube were never going to be blessed with great footage from up high. However, times have changed as drones now provide an easy way of supplying aerial footage.

DJI Phantom 4 PRO Professional Drone

If you want your company to produce the best videos possible, then drone footage adds so much to the production value. The key is finding a drone that’s easy to use but doesn’t compromise this ease-of-use for video quality. You still want a device that can shoot in full-HD, possibly even 4k. Do your research before you buy, as drones are expensive pieces of equipment. There are loads of buying guides on sites around the web that can help you come up with the best decision for your needs. Drones are well worth the money as they can set your YouTube content apart from other businesses that might be trying their hand at this platform.

Now, a lot of effort goes into the production of videos, but, even more, has to go into post-production and editing. You can film things with the best equipment possible, but it still needs to be put together and edited. With the right editing equipment, you can fine tune your videos and make them look even better than they did when you filmed them.


Top 8 Best Video Editing Software for YouTube

In truth, there is one main thing you need to think about with regards to editing your videos; the software you use. By having the right editing software, you will be in a better place to make changes to your vids and stitch everything together. You’ll see on sites that specialize in video editing that there is a plethora of editing software out there for you to try your hand at. Some of it is free, but your best bet is to buy software as the pricey software tends to be the best. Different people claim that certain software is the greatest and easiest to use, it all depends on your personal preference. Popular ones include; Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, and Adobe Premiere Pro.


Of course, you need a computer to download your software onto in the first place. Normally, there’s a great debate over computers, particularly regarding Macbook vs. PC. However, regarding editing videos, almost everyone agrees that MacBooks are superior. They’re more purpose built for this type of thing and can handle the file sizes and process much better. Perhaps the best video editing computer is the new Macbook Pro which, has a whole host of cool features. Of course, if you’ve been a PC guy all your life and can’t use Apple computers, then stick with a Windows PC. Just make sure it’s very, very, high-end.

2017 Budget Ultrawide 4K Video Editing & Gaming PC Build – i7 6700k, GTX 1070, 32GB RAM Under $1500

With all this advice you’ll soon have the best YouTube videos out of all your business competitors. If you enjoyed this piece, then check out another of our articles on content creation here @ Remember, content is king, and your business relies on it to bring in new audiences and expand your customer base. YouTube is the perfect platform to execute a new content strategy.

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