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11 YouTube Marketing Tips For More Views

The time to really think about YouTube channel promotion techniques is now.

Why “now” though?

We now spend up to six hours every day watching videos, and YouTube is the second-most-visited website on the internet, which is already concerning.

If you want to be noticed on YouTube, use as many promotional tactics as you can.

More information on each of these methods for promoting your YouTube channel and boosting views can be found below.

1) Make interesting and compelling movies

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YouTube marketing relies heavily on presentation.

Titles have a significant impact on how well a video performs. Consider whether the way you present your content is intriguing or merely adequate.

Drawing people in without employing clickbait headlines is the key to writing titles that are compelling. 

Consider two of the most popular YouTube channels, BuzzFeed and WhatCulture. To attract viewers, these movies occasionally include listicles, names that pose a question, or exaggeration (such as “crazy” or “of all time”).

According to reports, names for YouTube videos should be between 70 and 80 characters long.  For instance, the CoSchedule headline analyzer proposes 55 characters for a compelling title. Even though it isn’t made specifically for video titles, the CoSchedule tool is excellent for creating YouTube-friendly titles to aid in the marketing of your YouTube channel.

Listen: The second-largest search engine in the world is YouTube alone. Similar to how they do on Google, people search for items and solutions on YouTube. 

Take into consideration that your YouTube videos are just another form of content that need optimization for things like tags and keywords. 

To increase your chances of showing up, follow some of the best YouTube SEO tactics: Avoid keyword stuffing, just like with website SEO. Use keywords only when they make sense and not just because you can.

2) Determine the preferences of your audience               

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Always make absolutely sure your content is in accordance with the tastes of your target audience. Before writing a blog post or creating a video, find out more about your audience and the kind of content they are interested in from you.

Do some competition or other video creators in your niche study if you’re just starting out with YouTube channel promotion. observe which of their videos attracts the most interest and views. This can assist you in identifying the topics and video formats that your audience is most interested in watching.

You are checking your YouTube Analytics if you’ve already submitted videos. On YouTube, you may obtain in-depth information about the demographics, geography, interactions, and other relevant statistics of the audience. 

Additionally, you can broaden your perspective and evaluate your material in light of other social videos you’ve produced. 

Want to help explain your YouTube statistics? Enroll in a digital marketing course to get a brief on video analytics for details on the most important metrics to keep an eye on and ideas for producing video content tailored to your marketing goals.

3) Engage with the YouTube community 

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YouTube does represent a vibrant community where users interact with one another and with the material through profiles, “likes,” and comments, even though you would not think of it as a social network in the traditional sense. 

It certainly sounds “social,” from our perspective. As was already mentioned, YouTube appreciates any interaction you have with your visitors. 

Interacting with your subscribers can at the very least help you build closer ties with your audience. To “like” comments and “pin” one you want to share with your subscribers, it only takes a few seconds. 

4) Make eye-catching thumbnails 

Making original thumbnails is one of the easiest yet most efficient ways to promote your YouTube channel. Consider using your title and image together as a type of “one-two punch” to draw in viewers.

YouTube automatically selects a screenshot from any particular video to use as the thumbnail. Unfortunately, there are times when a transition or you moving of the camera results in a blurry image.

It doesn’t seem good, does it not?

Making your own thumbnails not only improves the first impression of your movies but also exudes professionalism.

Furthermore, making thumbnails need not be challenging. To make it more standardized and consistent with your business, you may even design a template using a specific font and style. This technique is made simpler by using image creation software like Canva.

5) Promote other people’s YouTube content

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There’s a significant probability that the topics covered by your YouTube channel and by you align.

Cross-promote your video wherever appropriate to make the most of your prior content.

You can add links to a video’s description and encourage viewers to click on them as a form of a call to action. 

6) Tailored Google search results

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As was already established, YouTube is completely dominating the SEO world.

Even while you shouldn’t produce material just for search engines rather than for your audience, you still need to promote your YouTube channel with SEO in mind.

Particularly, lengthy (10+ minutes) films covering keyword-specific subjects and product how-to articles frequently rank highly in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Consider how the marketing of your YouTube channel might be of assistance if you are having trouble coming up with new ideas or want to leverage a popular industry keyword.

7) Personalized Google search results

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As was already established, YouTube is absolutely dominating the SEO world.

Even though you shouldn’t only write for humans rather than search engines, you should promote your YouTube channel with SEO in mind.

Remarkably, lengthy (10+ minutes) films addressing keyword-specific subjects and product how-to articles frequently rank highly on search engine results pages (SERPs). Consider how the marketing of your YouTube channel might be of assistance if you are having trouble coming up with new ideas or want to capitalize on a popular industry keyword.

8) Run a contest or giveaway

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What YouTube viewers like is a giveaway. Holding a contest or giveaway might help you advertise your YouTube channel and encourage subscribers and interaction.

By enjoying your video, leaving a comment, and subscribing to your channel, users can enter your competitions.

Holding frequent YouTube competitions, meanwhile, requires prudence. You should make sure that your efforts are yielding results in order to prevent squandering time, money, and resources.

 After running a contest, give your engagement and subscription drop-off rates some time to settle. You can just be attracting people looking for free items if your subscriber base isn’t active.

9) Entice consumers to continue watching your programme

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Making a series of targeted videos with a common theme or subject is a wise strategy for promoting your YouTube channel.

Both creators and the audience gain from the series. Producers don’t need to scramble for ideas because they hold themselves responsible for producing creative YouTube videos. 

Your viewers will be motivated to keep watching your channel since they have something to look forward to.

10) Add YouTube videos to the mix

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You may promote your YouTube channel in a number of areas besides YouTube itself.

It has been proven, for instance, that video content improves conversion rates and lowers on-site bounce rates.

11) Make playlists to arrange your YouTube videos

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It becomes harder for viewers to find what they’re looking for on your channel as you generate more videos.

Therefore, playlists are essential. By categorizing your films and enabling you to organize your channel, playlists encourage your viewers to binge-watch your videos.

As an illustration, Beardbrand’s grooming channel frequently publishes fresh content, resulting in the collection of hundreds of clips on a variety of topics. The channel’s extensive playlists point viewers in the right direction without making them search for it.

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