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5 Link Building Strategies: Which One Is the Most Effective?

Link building is a powerful tool for helping you to build your online authority and driving your business forward thanks to increased site traffic numbers.

If you are thinking of using an external supplier who has the expertise and contacts to be able to offer you a successful campaign strategy, you might want to visit a useful resource to help you find the right company. SearchEngineland lists top link building providers and will help point you in the right direction based on your requirements.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the link building strategies that are generally viewed as being the most effective. These are reviewed in no particular order.

Fixing broken links is a great way to build your authority

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This is a strategy that is easy to pursue and can be very rewarding as it can be quite an easy way to earn some more links.

When you find a broken link that no longer points to a valid resource this is your opportunity to suggest a viable alternative, a link to your content.

Fixing broken links can be very productive as a lot of the hard work has already been done by someone else. All you need to do is replace what was once there.

Focus on off-page SEO

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Your primary focus is all about increasing your site’s visibility. One of the ways to achieve that aim is to focus your attention on off-page SEO housekeeping.

This involves tasks such as clarifying third-party citations are accurate and making sure you claim your free listings, like Google My Business, for instance.

Guest blogging is always a good thing to do

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Guest blogging continues to be a highly successful way of earning valuable and credible links back to your site.

Guest posting has evolved. If you approach the strategy in the right way and create content that adds value and educates the reader, that sort of content will always be welcomed and viewed positively.

Think about using infographics

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Staying on the subject of adding value, leads us on to the argument for using infographics.

When you create some attractive and informative infographics you are highly likely to get a good response and see that content shared widely.

The emphasis always has to be on quality. That way you have a great chance to secure some highly-prized links.

Make the most of social media

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Increasing your online visibility by using social media platforms is something that achieves a gradual rather than immediate impact.

It is still a strategy that should be one of the mainstays of your activities. If you engage regularly on social media it gives you the chance to use hashtags strategically and increase your perceived authority within your industry.

All of your social media tactics will help you to build up audience numbers and gain wider exposure over a period of time.

A Basic Guide To Link Building

You can’t really single out one of these link building strategies as being more effective than the other. However, combining these tactics will definitely create an overall strategy that can produce the desired response and results.

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