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Personalizing Your Online Marketing To The Individual Level

Digital marketing is able to more easily reach a wider audience than ever before. However, it’s also able to be much more targeted and precise than the average traditional marketing method. This is, in part, due to the ability of businesses to personalize every interaction they have with their customers, online. Giving your marketing the personal touch can make customers feel much more valued and show that you respect their time. So, what can you do to personalize your online marketing to each individual customer?

Ensure they’re seeing the right content

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First of all, it’s important to ensure that you’re collecting data on the wants of the individual customer as best as possible. Email marketing is perhaps the easiest way to do this, but search engines come with their own level of information gathering, as they make use of search queries and user data to show them more relevant ads and SEO results. Get to know your customers, how they search, and what they’re looking for, and use ad targeting to ensure that you’re being as specific as possible to their needs.

Go beyond firstname lastname in emails

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We all know about the basic automation of filling information fields in emails because they’re so common to become a joke. However, your email marketing can be boosted by deeper and more purposeful personalization. For instance, a lot of businesses will have emails that trigger depending on customer actions, such as remarketing emails aimed at customers who have abandoned their shopping cart. Get to know your context-specific email automation tips to ensure that you’re missing fewer opportunities to connect and convert.

Use customer support that gets to know them

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You might not have the budget to support a full customer support team ready at helpdesks to learn what they can about your customers. To that end, automating the process of gathering and processing data can offer a personalized approach without having to expand your team astronomically. Industry-specific solutions like insurance agency chatbots tend to be better poised with AI that’s better at learning the specific data most relevant to your business. AI is growing increasingly likely to drive the average customer interaction in the future, so it’s worth leveraging it now.

Never forget a face

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You can’t automate the entire process of providing a personal experience to your customers, however. At some point, a human touch is needed. When that happens, providing your team with the information they need to provide a continuity of service is crucial. Your customers don’t want to have to repeat themselves when they’re trying to get assistance of any kind. To that end, look at the customer relationship management tools out there and choose the one that suits your industry needs best. These tools can make it much easier to keep track of all the customer data your team gathers throughout the customer journey.

There’s a good chance you’re already collecting the data necessary to give each customer a more personal approach. You just need to reach into it and tap it for the boost that your online marketing needs.

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